Custom Neon Signs are a Great Way to Attract Customers to Your Café

Custom Neon Signs are a Great Way to Attract Customers to Your Café

Congratulations, you decided to follow your heart and open a café! Isn’t that the dream for so many of us – to run a nice café around the corner where coffee as well as customers keep flowing. Of course, the register keeps ringing too and you as well as customers go to bed happy and full.

But this is a hard business to be in. From figuring out where to open up and what to serve to identifying your supplier and staff, there is a lot of input that goes into setting up even a small café around the corner.

And it really isn’t worth it if the passers-by don’t convert into walk-ins. But fret not, colors and lights can weave magic and bring in the moolah!

In NYC Neon Signs Are Eye-Catching and Familiar

The Big Apple is characterized by its bright lights, with different brands competing for attention. Amid this, companies need to work with contracting colors, compelling text and unique ideas for neon signs to really grab attention, say experts at the New York Sign Group.

Alternatively, something as basic as a neon ‘food’ or ‘24/7’ can also get the job done when it comes to late night walkers. And while as a café you may think that is not your target customer, many cafes miss out on the great marketing potential offered by neon signs.

Using neon signs since bright lights are typically seen to be more useful for evening crowds and cafes are more about mornings and afternoons.

Whether you are open 24/7 or not, a neon sign builds recall value and establishes your presence in the neighborhood. Couple that with an eye-catching custom blade sign hanging above your entrance in the street and you have potential customers from all around the clock covered.

One of the latest trends in NYC is lighted blade signs that are seen as a convergence between the neon sign and the regular hanging blade sign. Using a good sign design company is critical to ensuring your signage reflects your branding essence.  

For the average New Yorker, a neon sign feels like homecoming. It is instantly recognizable and so for a city that never sleeps, it is also a familiar expectation. Whether it’s someone across the street or someone struggling to find a place in the downpour, custom neon signs make it easy to figure out the name, place or logo – basically, whatever it is that is lit up!

Once they have entered your café, a customer is like an affair waiting to happen. The right ambience, food and staff can ensure they come back again and again. But you know what would help even if they can’t? An Instagram worthy décor!

Using custom neon signs with NYC street lingo or even as an entry signal to the restroom or using magnetic menu boards could be quirky and build a fun vibe.

If bright and neon is not the kind of décor that appeals to your sensibilities, think about interiors that can be augmented with wood blade signs or metal signs and there are enough examples on NYC streets to inspire you. So, what are you waiting for? Get started – the customers are a-calling!

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