Windshield Care in Summers – What to Do and What Not to Do

Windshield Care in Summers - What to Do and What Not to Do

A windshield requires year round care as it is susceptible to damage from the excesses of different seasons. Many of us don’t realise that the summer heat can also affect a car’s windshield.

Here are some dos and don’ts regarding your car windshield during the summer:

1). Do not use sun shades, especially the reflective kind, underneath your windshield. They tend to reflect the heat back through the windshield which further increases the windshield temperature and causes it to crack.

2). Avoid parking your car in direct sunlight with the windows completely rolled up. It causes to increase pressure inside your vehicle which in turn, causes tiny chips and cracks in the windshield to expand.

3). Do not wash your vehicle directly under the sun. The impact of hot sunlight followed by cold water may cause the windshield to crack.

Instead, it’s best to park the vehicle in the shade or wait until twilight to wash it. This also keeps the detergent from spotting on your vehicle.

4). Do park your vehicle in the shade to keep it cool. If you have to park in the sun, roll your windows down a bit so that there is no heat build up inside.

As the heat buildup puts stress on the car’s glass front, unnoticeable damages grow, and new ones emerge, eventually requiring a pricy windshield replacement. An Audi windshield replacement may cost even more.

5). Do not slam the doors, hoods or trunks while closing them. The vibrations from doing so can cause the smallest rock chip to spread out suddenly across the windshield. Make sure that you close your doors gently.

6). Do wash the windshield with lukewarm water. Spraying hot or cold water may put undesirable temperature stress on the windshield and cause the existing cracks and chips, if any, to widen.

7). If the windshield has been chipped by a rock, get it repaired immediately. In the meantime, to avoid a bad situation from getting worse, place clear packing tape on the outside of the crack to keep it clean.

8). Do not blast the air-conditioner. As the temperature outside increases, most people find it difficult not to crank up their vehicle’s air-conditioner. However, one ends up paying much more in damages for this temporary relief.

The dramatic temperature change can compromise the strength of the windshield causing it to expand under the heat first and then contract suddenly as soon as the AC is turned on. The opposing air force also puts further stress on the tiny cracks.

Although, we’ve outlined some of the dos and don’ts, there are several other factors that can cause windshield damage until it can no longer be repaired and must be replaced.

In that case, you must get a professional car glass replacement in delhi and ensure that the car care service provider only uses the best of the products in the market.

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