The Most Definitive Guide to the Best Sports Cars in the World on the Internet

The Most Definitive Guide to the Best Sports Cars in the World on the Internet

When I think of sports cars, the first thing that comes to mind would be a Ford Mustang of some type, until I realized that the Mustang was actually a muscle car and not a sports supercar car per se. Then I saw a Lamborghini Gallardo 2dr Coupe and completely understood what a sports supercar car was.

That is a pretty amazing looking car if I might say so myself. However, some may argue because after all there are a plethora of sports/supercars that are out there that can stand up against the Lamborghini Gallardo any day. I’ve never been a car buff, but the cars I’ve seen lately have made me gasp and grab my chest.

I’m talking about Koenigsegg’s, Ferrari’s, Aston Martin’s and one of my personal favorites; the Bugatti La Voiture Noire. I can stare at that car all day and night, that’s a beauty on wheels! I’ve never seen so many exotic cars in my life and once you’ve seen one, you definitely want to see more. If you want to look at some of the hottest sports cars available, you might want to check out European Exotic Center, until then.

I’m going to give you the most definitive guide to the best sports cars in the world on the internet.



Image Credit: Wikimedia

Formerly code-named Project 003, Aston Martin’s third model mid-engine lineup is the AM-RB 003. This particular model joins the striking Valkyrie AMR Pro. This futuristic looking vehicle that looks like it belongs in a Batman movie sits under the Valkyrie and will compete with a few other cars in terms of who’s the best.

The vehicle design is much like the Valkyrie and the air tunnels and rear diffuser and air tunnels are pretty much identical. However, the AM-RB 003 has more sports a more conventional mid-engine supercar design.

It has exhausts that have quite a bit of height to them, a canopy that resembles a jet-fighter, and dynamic suspension and aerodynamics. The 003 is thrusted by a V-6 engine that is all-new that will feature some sort of turbocharging and hybridization to help with its performance.

Unfortunately, Aston Martin won’t give information about the power output, but the rumor is there is about 1,000-plus horsepower in this car. Sadly, the AM-RB 003, will be limited to 500 models for those that are lovers of this magnificent car.


Image Credit: Wikimedia

The Ferrari F8 Tributo is a pretty powerful Italian car. However instead of just focusing on performance, it focused on comfort and drivability. This two-seater has a twin-turbocharged 3.9 V8 engine that is also used in their Pista model gives the driver 710 horsepower and a torque of 568; meaning its mid-rear engine is by far the most powerful to date.

Can you imagine going from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 2.9 seconds and being able to get to a speed of 211 miles per hour? I don’t know if that’s amazing or frightening. If you think you can handle this car on the road, you can most certainly have it for $350,000.


Image Credit: Wikimedia

Koenigsegg is a Swedish car and they build some of the fastest supercars in the world. Currently, Koenigsegg’s Agera RS, actually holds record for top speed at 277.9 miles per hour. However, the Jesko; the company’s newest megacar will be able to get up to 300 mph.

There are a few other remarkable improvements on the car such as the rear diffuser, front splitter and a new rear wing. These enhancements will allow the car to have a better grip for cornering faster and way better maneuverability, and a lot more grip.

Koenigsegg will build 125 Jesko’s in two variants: one that is aimed towards the track and one that is  more road-friendly. Each of these beauties will set you back a good $2.8 million.


Image Credit: Wikimedia

This beauty was introduced in 2014 and has an amazing performance record. This car was inspired by the Lamborghini’s 5.2 liter V10 engine, which now gives 442 pound feet of torque and 640 horsepower. Which means it can thrust the Huracán Evo to 62 mph in 3.1 seconds and get you to a speed of 202 miles per hour.

If you’re wondering how it handles, look at its rear-wheel steering and torque vectoring system and you will know. The Lamborghini Huracán is not only aesthetically beautiful but its performance and the way it handles makes this supercar a favorite of Lamborghini fans. This car will set someone back at least $287,400


Image Credit: Wikimedia

This car aesthetically will leave you breathless. This innovative elegant car sets the bar high and is already the world’s first hypercar. A hypercar is a supercar that performs at its highest. So in essence, all hypercars are supercars, but all supercars unfortunately aren’t hypercars.

This particular model of the Mclaren seats three people, with the driver in the middle and the two passengers seated on the side a few inches back. The inside of the car is stunning and the dash is pretty much a big huge display panel.

The speedtail will thrust you to 186 miles per hour in 13 seconds and it also has a top speed of 250 miles per hour, which means it’s the fastest McLaren there is. Sadly, there are only 106 of these gems and they have a price tag of $2.3 million dollars.


Image Credit: Wikimedia

This exciting two seater is designed for the sports car lover. It has speed, power and has the ability to move effortlessly through any kind of obstacle course that has twists or turns. This car is turbo-charged and gives the driver 280 pound-feet of torque, 300 horsepower. Quite impressive if I might say so myself.

The highest speed on this supercar is 171 miles per hour. The good thing about this car is you have the option to choose between a manual or an automatic. This could be yours for $71,000.


Not only can you associate a Mercedes with luxury. You can also associate it with being a supercar too. The AMG GT R Roadster has a combination of performance and luxury, not to mention a lot of power. The performance and handling of this car is said to be quite efficient and impressive.

Unfortunately, only 750 of these sleek looking supercars will be made and the price tag on it can start at $158,000


Image Credit: Wikimedia

The Bugatti Chiron is their most exclusive, powerful and fastest supercar in Bugatti’s history. They chose not to go hybrid like most supercars, because it would have added extra weight to the car. The inside has a high end sound system and Wi-Fi, digital displays and the body of the car is made of carbon fiber.

The inside is as sophisticated as it can get and will keep you and your passenger riding in sheer comfort and can reach a speed of 260 miles per hour. This cool car will cost someone $3 million dollars.


Image Credit: Wikimedia

This is the first Lamborghini to be made with a rear steering wheel. This is also the first Lamborghini model that comes with an infotainment system; which is a 10.1-inch portrait screen that records telemetry and driving data.

There’s is an interesting fact about this gorgeous car, it has three driving modes; normal city driving, high performance driving and optimum track performance and its highest speed is 217 miles per hour and will cost you $1.9 million.


Image Credit: Wikimedia

This particular car is named after the Brazilian formula one race driver Aryton Senna. They built this car to achieve a faster lap time, so they made the supercar in a lightweight design.There will only be 75 of these cars made, and you can get one for a cool million.

Owning a supercar can be a huge responsibility financially, especially when it comes to insurance. But if you can afford a car such as the ones listed above, you shouldn’t have any issues where insurance is concerned. Owning these types of carts can be fun because they’re pretty much iconic in the world of cars.

Everyone wants to ride in one, or take a picture in one. Unfortunately, not everyone can own a supercar, but owning one is a dream for so many people, especially car collectors. If you can get past the hefty price-tag, then count yourself in the game.

These cars are exquisite, powerful and can make any one’s jaw drop. Their presence commands attention and I’m sure there are people who are going to give them all the attention it needs.

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