Must-Have Gear for Professional Electric Guitar Players

Must-Have Gear for Professional Electric Guitar Players

Do you play guitar? With a world full of accessories, it’s often confusing to know what a must-have component is and what is simply fun to have. Sure, you have your speakers, amps and other electronic equipment that you can’t compromise on, but what other pieces of equipment do we recommend?

Let’s discuss some of the essential gear for professional electric guitar players.

Finding the Right Guitar Accessories for You

The trouble with having an article like this is that there’s not enough room to tell you about every guitar gadget you should try out. That’s why we plan to focus on our top three picks. Our three choices are used by guitar players at any level.

Whether you are a beginner or expert player, you will find that these tools should be part of your arsenal.

1. Electronic Tuner

You just put brand new strings on your guitar; what do you do next? Tune it, of course. A high-quality electronic tuner allows you to tune quickly, even when dealing with crowded stages.

The electronic tuner detects your pitch. Then, it indicates via an analog needle, digital meter, or LCD whether your guitar is higher or lower than your perfect pitch. This setup allows you to adjust your instrument accordingly.

Tuners come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can spend a decent amount on a quality unit, so it’s vital that you choose something that fits your needs and your budget.

It’s true that some people choose free tunings apps through their Android or iOS device, but these simply aren’t the same thing. The Music Kitchen reports that many smartphone tuning apps rely on your phone’s mic, which makes them hard to use in noisy situations.

The truth is, you don’t need to spend a lot to get a high-quality guitar tuner. This D’Addario Clip On Electric Tuner is a low-cost way to get perfect pitch. Not only does it provide you with a durable case, but it rotates to a full 360 degrees, making it simple to use.

2. Reverb Pedals

When you are looking for a nice sounding reverb pedal, there are several aspects to consider. Every pedal features different elements, so there’s not a one size fits all solution.

Start by considering the size of the pedal you desire. Then, you want to evaluate the quality of the pedal. If you have unlimited amounts of money, obviously you want the best reverb pedal on the market. Otherwise, go ahead and plan out your budget.

From here, you will also think about simplicity and flexibility. If you are experienced with using reverb pedals, it’s okay to invest in something complex. Otherwise, you want to start with a basic pedal instead.

Choosing the right reverb pedal should enhance your sound, give you access to an excellent selection of effects, and be easy to use.

3. Guitar Strap

Now that we’ve got the tune down and you have your pedal for effects, it’s time to consider comfort. With the best guitar strap, you end up playing longer and can focus solely on your music. You won’t start to feel uncomfortable or fidget with the weight of your guitar.

Several factors come into play while looking for a guitar strap. According to Gear Rank, you want to evaluate these aspects before making a purchase.

  • The number of strap buttons – choose from one or two button varieties. There is also the option to go without strap buttons, but that requires some modification.
  • Length – all depends on where you prefer your guitar to fall.
  • Width – the wider the strap, the more weight is distributed across your body. A wide strap improves stability and comfort.
  • Material – most low-cost straps come with a Nylon construction. This material is affordable and strong. Other options include leather, cotton, or memory foam.
  • Style – if you want your setup to look appealing, you must consider the color and design as well.

Final Thoughts

The list of possible must-have gear for electric guitar players could be endless. The truth is, you won’t ever run out of cool gadgets and accessories to add to your arsenal.

With each new tool you add, you find yourself becoming more confident and able to play better. Isn’t that the final goal?

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