Is It Possible to Remove Laser Engraved Marks on a Material?

Is It Possible to Remove Laser Engraved Marks on a Material

Individuals may wonder if laser engraved marks can be removed from a material. The answer to this is yes and no, as it depends on certain factors.

However, the best way to avoid the need for removal of these marks it to carry out the job correctly the first time, so it is best to understand common laser engraving mistakes and how to avoid them completely.

Can Laser Engraved Marks Be Removed?

People often assume removing laser etching requires nothing more than buffing the metal to provide a clear surface for new engraving. What they don’t stop to consider is the material used for the initial engraving and the depth of the marks. Both play a crucial role in the success or failure of this attempt.

Plated metal cannot be buffed and then engraved once again. The reason for this is the buffing process simply removes the plating, leaving the bare metal underneath and destroying the item in the process. If the engraving is on solid gold or silver that features a 10k or 14k marking, buffing will be of help, but this isn’t the case with most metals.

Rough Metals

Furthermore, individuals must understand rough metals are not appropriate for laser etching. To remove marks from this type of material in the hopes of having it engraved again will be of no benefit.

The top surface of the item to be engraved must be smooth, as the laser engraving process melts this layer to produce the desired marks and the etching won’t be readable if the surface is rough in any way. Choose a smooth metal to avoid this issue.

Selecting the Right Wood

To produce an heirloom piece, a person may choose natural wood and request it be engraved. Be aware that doing so can lead to different burn patterns and a zebra effect on the finished project. The reason for this is natural wood has grains that represent the growth of the wood and some grains are harder than others.

In order to achieve a uniform look for the piece, it’s best to select good plywood. It’s not wise to choose items that consists of two materials, such as one thin layer of nice wood on the top and a different, less desirable layer of wood underneath.

The engraving process may lead to the second material becoming visible and ruin the finished look of the project. Removing these marks will be of no benefit, as the problem will arise with subsequent attempts if the same material is used.

Consider the Purpose of the Project

One thing to keep in mind is where the project will ultimately be placed. For instance, laser engraving a sign for a hospital may not be appropriate if the material used cannot withstand the harsh cleaning substances required in this environment. The metal selected for this purpose must be resistant to products of this type if the markings are to endure over time.

In contrast, the metal used in the cockpit of an airplane must be noncombustible in the event of a disaster and outdoor signs must be made of specific metals for the markings to hold up when exposed to the elements.

While there are situations where a person may wish to have laser engraving marks removed, there are likewise situations where the removal of the marks can be disastrous. For this reason, the right material must be selected every time.

Don’t hesitate to speak to a laser engraving provider to learn more about which materials should be selected and which process should be used to ensure the finished project is as desired. Engraving providers are more than happy to share this information.

Doing so helps to keep customers happy and returning to the company again in the future when similar items are needed.

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