Happiness Really Is One Step Away

Happiness Really Is One Step Away

We know that happiness is everything – or at least, hopefully we’ve been told that. Unfortunately, in today’s society a lot of us are indoctrinated into believing that happiness lies somewhere else, that it’s something that’s difficult to achieve that always lies just out of reach.

This sends a lot of people to psychotherapists, psychiatrists, and counselors. Don’t get me wrong – in many cases, these professionals are a great help and can get people through some very difficult mental health problems.

But not everyone who wants to be happy has a mental health problem. For the majority of us, happiness is just a step away – but most of us aren’t taught how to take that step.

In this article, we’ll explain some tips on how to be happier.

1). Be Mindful

This is arguably the most important tip that anyone could hope for in regard to becoming happier. If you’ve seen photos of the Dalai Lama, paintings of the Buddha, or caricatures of other highly revered mindful practitioners, you’ve probably noticed one thing – they all wear a slight smile, an expression of deep inner peace and joy.

Many people believe that this state of mind is unachievable, but it’s not – it’s really our base state of being, and it can be achieved (or rather, re-achieved) by practicing mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a simple practice that involves being aware of the present moment, without judgment or the need to control, all the time. There are a few exercises you can complete that can help immensely.

This is much easier said than done, and there are many books and lectures available on the subject. Since we can’t cover everything here, I’d recommend looking into this.

2). Be Grateful

Another pro tip for anyone who wants to be happy is to be grateful for anything and everything in your life – even the seemingly ‘bad’ things, which are here to teach you lessons.

The more grateful you are – even if you don’t have a lot – the more you come to appreciate the subtleties of life (mainly health and happiness). With enough gratitude, you’ll find that you approach even the most arbitrary situations with a deep sense of gratitude and joy.

3). Surround Yourself With Happy People

This can be difficult at first – many people who feel unhappy are initially resistant to putting themselves in the company of happy people.

Remember, though, if these people are truly happy and joyous, then it’s unlikely that they live lives full of judgment or hate. Being around happy people will encourage you to be happy and will put you in a space that’s free of judgment and scorn.

4). Seeking More Intense Measures

Remember, if you struggle with a more serious mental health issue that can’t be treated by any of the above methods, it’s still a good idea to seek treatment from a psychologist or psychotherapist. If you can’t afford one, there are alternative options available.

This is just another step towards becoming happy!

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