Exploring the Seven Sisters on Two Wheels? Things to Take Care Of

Exploring the Seven Sisters on Two Wheels

Whenever there is a mention of seven sister states of India, most of us are transported to our geography classes, right? But imagine, if you could enjoy a motorcycle trail through these unexplored states, wouldn’t it be thrilling?

Occupying only 7% of India’s land, these states have immense beauty and diversity to leave anyone mesmerized. That is what makes these states must-visit destinations for all travel lovers.

Especially, if you love heading out for bike trips, then consider these states on your next adventure. Whether you visit the states separately or together, you’ll enjoy soaking in the beauty while riding under the open skies. All you need are your wheels to take you distances!

The North-Eastern states make for off-beat destinations. Every one of the seven states offer something unique and intriguing. Moreover, the entire region borders China, Bhutan, Tibet, Bangladesh, and Myanmar and has only one percent national boundary.

Away from the mainland, traveling to this part of India is a very different experience. That is why there are certain things you must take care of when planning a trip here.

Some of them are listed below:

  • Inner Line Permit

Before setting off for your trip, make sure that you apply for and receive an Inner Line Permit (ILP). ILP is a document issued by the government of India so that you can gain entrance to a state or region. Moreover, this document can also help in locating you if you meet with any mishap.

The government has eased the process of obtaining an ILP in the last few years to promote tourism in the north-east. However, even if you need to make extra efforts, it’ll all be worth it.

  • Right Travel Gear

Whichever of the seven states you ride to, the unremitting weather change is one thing you’ll find common in all of them. While the rain is pleasant and enjoyable, it also makes the weather very cold.

Mainly because you’ll be riding on your two-wheeler, make sure that you carry a light waterproof jacket with you all along. You may also carry extra clothes, a raincoat, and other appropriate travel gear to be prepared against erratic weather conditions.

The best time to visit the seven states is between September and April when there’s good sunshine too.  

  • Roadways

The roads leading to the various seven states are mostly comfortable. However, if you wish to travel to offbeat places in these states, then brace yourself for some bumpy roads. Especially as you ascend uphill in Nagaland, you’ll have to traverse through jerky roads that overlook the steep slopes.

While it may give the rider in you an adrenaline rush, it can also be risky for you. Make sure you drive extra carefully when on such paths.

Traveling through rough and rocky patches exposes you and your vehicle to chances of meeting with any accidental damage. Therefore, get vehicle insurance online before going for such a trip. It will cover you against any such risks.

  • No Internet Connection

These states are not yet digitally well equipped, so don’t rely on the internet to navigate your way. However, major districts of a few of these seven states now have good wi-fi outlets.

So, it is advisable that you research thoroughly before starting your ride. You may even carry resources like a print out of a map or may ask the locals for help.

  • Vehicle Condition and Insurance

Another thing that you need to take care of is to ensure that your two-wheeler is in good condition. So, make sure you get it checked from a proper workshop and ensure that it is fit to take you through your trip.

However, before taking such a trip, you must also be well prepared to deal with any untoward happening that may catch you off guard. Narrow and bumpy roads, which are common in the North-east, increase the chances of your vehicle getting damaged or meeting with an accident.

To cover yourself against such unexpected contingencies, buy vehicle insurance online just after you plan your trip. These days reputable insurers like Tata AIG General Insurance provide two-wheeler insurance policies which offer coverage against loss of or damage to the vehicle, third party liability and personal accident cover for owner-driver.

Having such a policy will make you better prepared to deal with financial losses that come along with any such happening involving your two-wheeler.

So, whenever you plan your next bike trip, head to these alluring seven sisters! Also, don’t forget to insure your two-wheeler.

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