Different Ways to Pay – Understanding your Uber App Payment Options

Different Ways to Pay - Understanding your Uber App Payment Options

If you live in a major city or spend any time traveling around one there is a fair chance that you will have hailed a ride with Uber, calling a driver to your location using their app.

What you might not know is that there are actually quite a few ways to pay for your journey and some of these methods are definitely worth exploring if you want to keep it easy and budget what you are spending.

Here is a look at the various payment options:

Book your ride and pay later

One of the options that could be worth exploring allows you to Shop Now, Pay Later with ePayLater.

The app does what it says on the tin and allows you to pay for something like an Uber ride and make the payment anytime within 14 days, making it more convenient to budget your travel spending.

Cash payment

One of the most obvious payment methods is cash and you can do this with Uber if that is your preference.

When you are booking your ride using the Uber app you can click “change” on the available payment method and select cash as your payment method.

After you have done that, you request a ride in the normal way and then pay the amount quoted in cash to the driver and you are done.

The obvious drawback to that is the fact that you will have to have the right amount of cash on you, which is not that convenient.

Pay for your ride using your e-wallet balance

Another option is to link your payment account with your Uber profile and then choose that option when you book your ride.

This method is easy to set up and Uber will debit your account each time you finish your journey, but you need to maintain a minimum balance in your e-wallet to be able to use this option without any problems.

The obvious disadvantage to this option is the fact that you have to remember to keep your e-wallet funded if you want to be able to book your Uber ride without any hassle.

Save your card details on the app

Another option would be to register your credit card details on the Uber app so that they have the ability to charge your card for each ride as you go along.

Uber will store your credit card number on their system but they do say that they don’t store your card’s security number so that your details are compromised.

That may be ok and at least it is easy to book and ride if you have given them your card details, but there is always that slight concern that you have let them store your card details on their system.

The point about using a service like Uber is that it does offer the customer a choice of payment methods so you can opt for the one you feel most comfortable with.

If you are going to be using a travel app like Uber on a regular basis it makes sense to use a payment option that suits your needs and gives you the easiest and simplest way to pay for your ride.


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