Is WordPress Really the Best Hosting Website and Builder?

Is WordPress Really the Best Hosting Website and Builder

WordPress is used to build blogs, business and non-profit organization websites, landing and sales pages, news websites, and even online magazines. Since it’s the introduction in 2003, it’s not surprising that WordPress runs more than 33 percent of the Internet to date.

Chances are, you’ve visited hundreds if not thousands of WordPress-run websites and didn’t know it.

But for anyone wanting to build the perfect website, it’s understandable why one would be a little sceptical about the efficiency and relevance of using WordPress as their website builder and/or hosting website.

If you’re feeling uncertain yourself, reading through this article might help you make a solid decision.

WordPress Pros and Cons

Just like any hosting website and builder, WordPress has both pros and cons.

Some advantages of WordPress include the fact that it is easy to use, is mobile-friendly, has professional themes, contains many updates to ensure the platform has strong security, features convenient SEO tools, and isn’t expensive to opt for. Additionally, many love that WordPress is used by millions, making it a trustworthy platform.

The cons of WordPress include the fact that the custom layouts are difficult for some to use, websites are prone to hacking, and that you as the website owner are responsible for backing up your website and installing updates.

There is also a learning curve with WordPress. While not necessary, knowing a little about HTML and CSS helps with building a WordPress website.

What a Hosting Website and Builder Should Have

When finding the right host and builder for your website, it all comes down to your personal needs and expectations. The user-friendliness and cost of a hosting website and builder should also be strongly considered as you find the most relevant platform.

Especially for website builders, the features your platform has is important to take note of. While many may be pleased with what WordPress has to offer as a website builder, they may instead opt for which is a self-host version of the original WordPress that has more features.

However, other website building platforms also have their fair share of differences. Some builders have few templates and minimal customization options but are easier to use. Others are highly detailed, offering SEO features, a large image library, the option to use custom coding, and many responsive options but are often more complex to use.

As for a hosting website, accessibility, backup, bandwidth, and support from the web hosting website are especially important aspects to consider. Don’t be fooled by low web hosting prices, as often, low startup costs mean you’re getting cheated out of important features you might need. Read the fine print first.

Would if I Already Have a Website with WordPress?

It’s important to note that WordPress doesn’t automatically offer hosting services, that is, unless you decide to use one of its subdomains. That said, even if you already have a website built on WordPress, you can opt for a different hosting website. Your website building and hosting website do not have to be via the same platform.

According to this Hostgator review, Hostgator is one web hosting website that is often used for WordPress websites. Other hosting websites to pick from for your pre existing WordPress website also exist. As discussed, your budget and your needs reflect the hosting website best for you.


While there are website owners who swear by WordPress as a hosting website and builder, not everyone will find it the most relevant for their needs. Although WordPress serves millions of websites to date, it wouldn’t make sense for one web building and hosting platform to be applicable for all.

As you search for a hosting and website building platform, always keep in mind the features and customizations, templates, storage space, ease of use, restrictions, and of course, the monthly or annual costs. What you may need may vary from another person’s needs.

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