What Your Choice of Scents (Perfume) Says about You

What Your Choice of Scents (Perfume) Says about You

Your perfume is one of the most personal choices you make. The ingredients you choose will make as much of an impact as the way you dress and the way you style your hair. If you are wanting to make an excellent first impression on someone, perfume is a great note to add to tie together the perfect appearance.

Here is what your perfume says about you.


Floral scents like rose and gardenia are classic and will never go out of style. If you are a lover of these light floral scents, you have impeccable taste. No matter what you wear, your decision to include a floral perfume will give you an undeniable air of femininity and grace.

Lean towards notes of lavender if you wish to be considered open and friendly; many associate lavender scents with relaxation and will therefore find your presence soothing.


Vibrant and fresh, someone who chooses a perfume with notes of citrus is bound to have a larger than life personality. Just as the bright colours of the fruits emit warmth, you move through your circle of friends radiating happiness and energy.

Those with citrus perfumes will be the loudest and happiest voice in the room. Perfect for spring and summer, a citrus lover will always bring light into your life.


If you are a fan of spicy perfumes with notes of cinnamon and ginger, you are obviously a spicy and sophisticated character. While the citrus wearers are the bold and the brash, a spice lover will be quieter and will only join in with their opinion when the moment is right.

They exude a quiet confidence which their friends will love and their acquaintances will envy. Their scent is particularly beguiling in autumn and winter. As the months turn colder, these scents will remind those who smell them of being warm and cosy and they will associate these feelings with the wearer.


Woody ingredients like oud and sandalwood tend to predominantly be found in men’s cologne. Therefore, to encounter a woman wearing such a scent showcases an air on undeniable dominance. If you like a woody perfume then you are a leader and one who is not afraid to challenge the traditional. A person who chooses a woody perfume will always demand the attention of the room and knows how to get what they want in the best possible way.

Finding the right perfume for you can be a long and arduous process and you should use a resource like Maple Prime to aid you in your search- https://www.mapleprime.com.

With so many amazing brands ready to show you their offerings, you have to be clear what you are looking for. The perfect scent is out there waiting for you to find it, you just need to take the plunge.

Think about what the best features of your personality are and what smells appeal to you the most. Both of these are great avenues to pursue in your hunt for the perfect bottle of perfume.

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