The Practicality Of Sleep Chairs

The Practicality Of Sleep Chairs

If you are like me, then your body probably needs to sleep. A lot. Every day. In 2015, the National Sleep Foundation released a new study that amended the previously recommended sleep time duration.

It is now 7 to 9 hours for young adults (18-25 years old), 7 to 9 hours for adults (26-64 years old), and 7 to 8 hours for older adults (65+ years old). However, a Gallup poll from 2018 revealed that 40% of adults in America get less than the recommended minimum amount of 7 hours of sleep.

The average American reportedly got 6.8 hours of sleep. The Gallup poll also showed an 11% decrease from respondents that said they “get as much sleep as needed” contrasted with the results from the same poll in 1990, and an 11% increase in those who “would feel better with more sleep” apropos of the 1990 poll. 

Way back in the early 1940s, the majority of people (84%) got 7 to 9 hours of sleep at night with the average being at 7.9 hours. This all serves to illustrate the growing problem that people are just not sleeping long enough. If this trend continues, it can have dire health consequences.

Is there any practical and cost-effective solution that exists to solve this?

Sleeper Chairs

A solution does exist. is a site where you can learn all about the Perfect Sleep Chair. This chair has power recline and lift, which gets you out of the chair easier. It also has heat and massage, plus unmatched craftsmanship and quality.

A sleeper chair is a recliner that serves the dual purpose of being both a cozy chair to sit on and something to relax and rest on. While it’s pretty uncommon to sleep mainly on a chair or sofa, people will find them as a convenient alternative to flatbeds; especially as the average person is currently getting less sleep than prior generations. 

There’s a variety of sleep chairs that are available to accommodate your needs and style. There are:


While they may look like a sofa, there are futons that can unfold into a sleeping space (thanks to Japan).

Sofa beds 

Designed with specifically soft mattress cushions to be slept on when you are not using it to sit.

Recliner chairs 

These chairs can be reclined back like the ones at movie theaters and a great number of them have extra features like heat and massage capabilities for added relaxation.

Pullout sofa beds 

When you get sleepy after being on the sofa, just pull the mattress frame underneath the cushions.

The Benefits

Not only are sleep chairs diverse in size and shape, but they also provide additional benefits to the user. Firstly, they’re a great way to save space inside someone’s house. Instead of having to choose where to put, say a couch and spare bed, you can have both in a sofa bed.

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Also, many sleep chairs are convertible and easier to transport than ordinary home furniture. They are made to be flexible and should be highly desirable to anyone hoping to save extra space. As mentioned earlier, many people are not getting enough sleep every night.

Aside from the home decor appeal, a sleeper chair can have numerous potential health benefits. Some examples include:

  • Some pregnant women have found sleeping in a recliner to be easier and more comfortable for them then a bed.
  • People who need to sleep in a more elevated and reclined position (people dealing with sleep apnea, degenerative spondylolisthesis, heartburn, and osteoarthritis) reportedly have better sleep outcomes when they sleep on good recliners.
  • Using sleep recliners also help to provide lumbar support and relieve back pain.

Sleeper Chairs For Every House

There have been prototypes to the modern day sleeper chairs that go back to the 19th and early 20th century. They weren’t that popular, however, as they lacked comfort and aesthetic appeal. But as technology improved, so did the science behind improving sleeper chairs.

A good standard sleeping chair today will have memory foam technology, a nice design, and body massage features. As people today find themselves getting less sleep, they will want another place to get rest. Instead of getting another bed, buying furniture like sleeper chairs will quickly become a more common fixture in homes.

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