7 Dressing Shopping Tips for the Mother of Bride

7 Dressing Shopping Tips for the Mother of Bride

It may be your daughter’s wedding, but it’s a blissful day for you as well! You will walk the aisle and sit in front row, dance with the crowd and mingle with everyone sharing your happiness. Therefore, you need a dress that fits the important day.

We did our research and compiled a few guidelines you should consider when buying your dress. This is an important shopping trip, so relax and consider the following guidelines:

1. Choose Your First Look

You have to shop for your look, and that too before the groom’s mother. Yes, you can shop together for a bonding experience. But if you are more of a free spirit.

2. Length of Dress

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In case you have decided to shop separately, make sure the length of your dresses matches. Yes, it’s a rule of thumb that both the mothers wear dresses of the same length. Length determines formality, and it will help you look better in wedding photos. So, you must consider it!

3. Coordinate with the Maids or Flower Girl

Despite the same dress length of the Groom’s mother, you are also required to coordinate with the Bridesmaid or flower girl. If possible, bring a swatch of bridesmaid or Flower Girl Dresses.

Make sure the color of your dress complements the bridesmaid or flower girl. If you want to match with any one of them, you have to coordinate with a designer or brand that will accommodate you.

4. Try Specialty Store

It is common for mothers to shop the dress at the departmental store. But this isn’t just a dress; it’s the dress you will wear on your daughter’s wedding! So, you must consider a bridal shop. Visit a specialty store for a one-on-one experience and get the attention you deserve.

5. Mind the Price

Just because you are going to a specialty store, it doesn’t mean you should break your bank.  You can still take the affordable route. Mother of the Bride Dresses are an important purchase, but it doesn’t need to be as expensive as a bridal gown.

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Who said affordable isn’t fashionable? Several brands and designers will offer you the best designs for great pricing. You need to do your research.

6. Mind Your Comfort

There are plenty of options to choose from, so don’t buy something that isn’t comfortable Your daughter’s wedding will be a long and tiring day. An uncomfortable dress can ruin this day. So, try the dress a few months before the big day and make sure you can move your arms, bend over and sit without an issue.

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Remember, you will always regret choosing fashion over comfort. You deserve to look both comfortable and beautiful. With that said, you don’t have to go crazy with accessories and embellishment. So, you better go easy on bling.

7. Keep in Touch with Your Daughter

It may be your dress, but it’s your daughter’s big day. So, you better involve her in the shopping process and get her opinion about what to purchase and when. It will be a great bonding experience while you get a winning dress.

The same rule applies to the mother of the groom, don’t hesitate to ask your son to go with you!

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