What is Automation?

What is Automation

Automation is the magic pill that can boost up the profits of any business and save the day. What exactly is automation and why is it important? What are the benefits of automation? Automation is the technology used by a process to perform various tasks or particular tasks without the assistance of humans.

During an automated process, a human stays away and controls the technology device either via a remote or through a series of programmable sensors fitted to the device. Any involvement while the process is running is minimal. In today’s world, running any business without automation is ineffective and inefficient.

Some of the most common automation applications are computers, household gadgets like thermostats, industrial machineries, airplanes, and robots among many others. A robot, which is one of the most recent automation controls, is taking the world by storm with many businesses and industries using them for many of their processes.

The need for machines to take over some of the tasks from the hands of humans has seen many robot-manufacturing companies like Universal Robots be at the forefront of developing state of the art robot software to tackle the growing demand for automation.

Benefits of automation

Automating processes in any business or even homes comes with many benefits and it is an easy feat to accomplish.


  • Increase in productivity


Automation improves productivity in the workplace. As people use automated machines more so does the demand for products rise. With more users and people demanding for the products, there is creation of more jobs and an increase in output.

Machines can produce much more than people can and this improves the returns on investments and uplifts the standards of living for many people.


  • Reduces costs


The aim of every business is to make profits. One way of achieving this feat is by cutting down on costs. By using automation, many businesses are able to contain their costs. Automation cuts down on hiring too many people to do the tasks and applying many other applications to carry out processes that one automated machine can accomplish.

Other costs that go down with the use of automation are energy bills, staff salaries and wages, medical fees due to accidents or injuries at the work place and many others. Many of the automated tools also have very low operating systems as compared to traditional tools.


  • They offer reliability


Automation offers reliability, which is the main cornerstone to any increase in productivity. Humans cannot be relied upon to be as reliable as machines. They tire and take rests that may interfere with production, they get bored over the monotony of the work, which makes them lag behind with work, and they take many breaks, among them medical breaks and other off days, which interfere with the daily production rates.

Machines on the other hand are programmed to work continuously without taking any breaks. The robots are fitted with special robot software that allows them to think also like humans. The work done by automation tools is error free and the devices can handle every kind of task.


  • Better performance and availability


Automated processes always give better performances than humans do. The availability of the tools is also dependable as you can have them work at any time you need them. They reduce office downtimes, they ask for fewer demands than old traditional tools, and humans do.

Majority of the tools go through regular upgrading to keep up with the technology trends.

Wrapping it up

Though many people view automation as a direct threat to their livelihood, the opposite is the truth. This is because they are tools and for them to function well, they still need people to programme and carry out maintenance measures on them.

The newest line of automation is cobots or collaborative robots that work well alongside people. Many companies will most likely not fire anyone because of automating their processes. To read more on the benefits of robots and automation, click on the Universal Robots website.

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