Top 7 Hacks to Get Relief from Migraine

Top 7 Hacks to Get Relief from Migraine

Despite being one of the most prevalent disease in the community, migraine is often overlooked and still underdiagnosed. Some individuals choose not to take any further intervention as migraine, especially of mild subtypes and without aura, can produce the same symptoms as the other types of headache.

It is strongly advised for the people having frequent and bad headaches to seek diagnosis and treatment from the doctors because sometimes the pain can be excruciating and would affect the quality of life, in terms of work, mental health and relationship in the long run.

Rarely, risk of getting persistent episode of migraine, seizure and even stroke is there, should the people affected decide to brave the storms of migraine alone.

Like any other diseases, the key for us to gain the upper hand is the knowledge about them. So, what is migraine? It is an episodic headache disorder, with one-sided and severe headache of multiple characters depending on severity that is accompanied by nausea and can be associated with light or sound sensitivity.

There is no exact risk factor of developing migraine although some studies proposed that being women, high body mass index, history of head injury, excessive consumption of caffeine and opioids and stressful life might increase your chance of encountering chronic headache.

Still, anyone can have it and the causes lie inside the chemicals and complex pathways in our brains. Specific disturbances in the way they normally works lead to inflammatory changes to the layers protecting the organ and generating the pain consequently.

Other symptoms that is caused by this disease are vomiting, sweating, poor concentration, feeling very hot or cold, tummy pain and diarrhea.

However, the classical aspect that is often linked with migraine is the aura, or temporary warning symptoms. Aura varies with people and here are the examples of them:

  •         Visual aura-seeing flash lights, zig-zag patterns or dots.
  •         Numbness and tingling sensation
  •         Dizzy and feeling off-balance
  •         Difficulty in speaking

It will come before the headache starts but some people would not develop aura before the pain and some would just be getting the aura alone.

There is no definitive cure for migraine unfortunately. However, there is always something that can be done to ease the pain through.

Here are some of the tips that you can apply to either prevent or relieve the migraine attack.

  1. Know your triggers:

Common triggers for migraine include lack of sleep, skipping meals, stress, certain odours, certain food and hormonal imbalance. By keeping a diary, you would be able to identify your triggers and try to avoid them.

Jot down the incident of headache that you experience once the pain goes away and try to remember what happened before the headache starts. For instance, if stress at work induces your migraine, then you need to take control of it.

Make a schedule and stick to it while trying not to procrastinate. If it is the odour, then block the scents by breathing in your favourite smell.

  1. Painkillers:

Common over-the-counter medications such as paracetamol and ibuprofen work like magic for many people, excluding the ones who are already in severe subtype of migraine. These painkillers are effective if is taken at the early stage of the headache.

This is since time is needed for the drugs to be absorbed into your symptoms. Hence, taking in the medications after the pain has worsened is not encouraged.

  1. Turn to the dark side:

Lots of people affected with this disorder are also associated with photophobia or light sensitivity. When the wave of pain arrives, bring yourself to a dark and quiet room or surrounding. Try to stay still and even better, sleep.

Distance yourself from doing activities especially the ones involving watching screens (television, computers and phones). If you are not at home, wear shades.

  1. Be consistent:

There is yet established evidences being published on doing regular things to prevent migraine attacks. However, many people find that it is indeed helpful. Pick the same time to go to bed and to wake up daily, other than the same time for meals and exercises.

Although doing things abruptly and without plan may sound more fun, but it can give your own body a shock thus triggering the episode.

  1. Hot and cold:

During the attack, warm compression and hot shower might come in handy to loosen the tight muscles of yours. Same goes to the other side of the coin. Applying cold packs around your neck during the pain can tone it down. Again, no proper explanation for this but if it helps then it is worth the shot.

  1. Massage and diversion:

Gentle massage or pressure at the forehead and scalp can reduce the discomfort that you are having. Pinching your hand and rolling a tennis ball under your foot can also lessen the headache down as your pain receptor in the nervous system would not entirely focus on migraine alone hence the slight relief.

  1. Always know your limits:

There is no shame in seeking help from medical expert regarding migraine as it is no ordinary headache. In fact, if the pain that you are having is severe, they might consider prescribing you with preventive medications for migraine that would benefit you. There are also other choices of non-pharmacological approach that might be offered, and all of them are backed by evidence-based medicines.

All in all, multiple ways can be done to relieve the pain of migraine. Different people may react differently to the tips that have been mentioned above but the last point is applicable to everyone.

Although you may find yourself comfortable taking in the paracetamol or ibuprofen, the need to consult the opinion of doctors is still present as side effects such as medication overused headache may further debilitate you.

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