All You Need to Know before Buying a Sofa

All You Need to Know before Buying a Sofa

Every one of us, somewhere in our lives has faced the struggle to fit on our furniture and other stuff in a room that does not have sufficient space. While we do stack up to the things, but it ends up being a pile of clutter which is obviously not a pleasant site.

Small rooms call for wise hacks to maximize their luxurious potential, both in terms of practicality and style. People who face space issues know that furniture designed to be flexible in a tiny interior is worth its weight in gold.

Solution to this problem is available to suit all pockets from built-in staircases to neatly proportioned antiques. Have you ever noticed that a sofa in our home is the most space taking furniture after bed? Why not solve the problem of space from its very basic?

Convertible sofas are a revolutionary invention of this age and time, and it is worth every penny. The most talked about improvisation of a sofa in recent times is the sofa bed.

What is a sofa bed? : A sofa bed has the potential to turn a living room into a sleeping space. Due to its increased demand, more and more companies are considering small spaces in their latest products, and that’s why we have a huge variety of sofa beds.


Depending on your needs like space for the sofa, your comfort and ease of transformation, you can choose your suitable sofa bed.

Types of Sofabed

The type of sofa bed you choose depends on a variety of reasons, and it is wise to first get familiar with the idea of types of soft bed before going out to buy one. Mostly, all sofa beds are categorized into three categories:

1) Futons:

It is metal or wooden frame furniture that somewhat looks like a sofa but can be unfolded into a bed and turned into a sleeping space. They’re absolutely lightweight, easy to transport and easy to access. Futons are extremely inexpensive and are most commonly sold as a bifold form.

Futon comes with a hinge which when released, the seat base and back support lay one after other horizontally with the mattress on top and thus works as a bed. Care should be taken to pull the sofa bed away from walls before unfolding it.

2) Pull outs:

These are conventional sofa beds that can have a full or queen size mattresses. When the top cushions are removed from the couch and placed to the side, underneath it is a spring loaded metal frame. The bed can be pulled and flipped forward.

It should be noted that the mattress of a pull out sofa bed is half the thickness of a standard bed mattress. These are ideal for a large room due to the amount of space that it occupies once the bed is pulled out and extended.

3) Convertible sleeper:

These unlike the other two, are more bed than being a sofa. If you’re looking for a sofa bed which you want to use primarily as a bed, this is your best pick. These are the size of a full bed and are extremely comfortable. These have a pullout footrest and a pull-out mattress to unfold a full bed.

This sofa bed can act as a bed simply by changing few configurations so that it becomes cosier to lie down on the cushions. If you want to go for something else than a conventional sofa, a convertible sleeper is a great choice for you.

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