Address Assessment – What Does Your Serviced Office Address Say About You?

Address Assessment - What Does Your Serviced Office Address Say About You

A premium office space can do wonders for your business in Australia. Regardless of the location, be it a large city or a small space, an office in the right location can present your business with access to not only great resources but also to people who can help your business move to another level. However, some would argue that the expense is not worth trouble, especially when office rents in many of Australia’s CBDs are high.

The fact is that today’s office industry provides office space for businesses of all sizes and budgets. The serviced office industry, in particular, has made a way for businesses to access office space in premium locations simply by reducing the cost. Serviced offices have been at the core of placing all types of businesses in prime locations around the country and have made this a focus simply because being centrally-located is very important.

Keep reading to learn why the location of your business is important for your overall enterprise.

Professional Image

An address that sits in Market or Collins Streets gives the public, including your clients, the allure of success. These buildings are usually fitted out with contemporary furnishings in buildings that are highly-maintained. Furthermore, often these spaces are also supplied with support staff that can help complement the entire appearance of your business.

You do not have to worry about missed calls or prospective clients being turned away because your professionally-staffed office can handle the ins and outs of office affairs. Moreover, the impression that clients get of the experience of being treated so professionally is lasting.

Primed For Networking

The serviced office also places you in a place to network with others from a range of industries. On one floor, you can find offices that are occupied by other professionals. With access to other professionals in the building, getting to know others who might be able to help you with the intricacies of your business might be helpful.

Networking can be the source of many referrals for your business and it can also be a way to find contractors who can give you goods and services at a much lower cost.

Capable And Competent

The serviced office that sits in any of the affluent business districts can also give clients the perception that you are a capable, competent professional that can handle their business. The corporate image is very impressive because, even on a superficial level, because a professionally staffed office is the polish on a business that is trying to prove that it is indeed a professional outfit.

No more than in the business environment do first impressions make lasting ones, and a serviced office can help your business with creating the impression of a competent staff.


Occupying space next to larger businesses, in some cases conglomerates, takes courage, especially in the larger cities. To potential clients, moving your business to the CBD speaks to a quiet confidence and lets clients know they are in capable hands.

Your office positioned among giants in diverse industries can make an impression a full range of clients, but more importantly, it says that you are very comfortable working in a very professional, corporate environment.

Putting On The Polish

An office can be situated anywhere in the world and still meet with success. The serviced office, however, makes it possible for businesses to attract potential clients simply through being placed in a business district.

While not all businesses might not need the high-profile address, it cannot hurt, especially in a day and age when the serviced office can reduce the price to impress your professional image on others

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