Best Performing and Most Reliable Packaging Machinery

Best Performing and Most Reliable Packaging Machinery

If you are looking to invest in a packaging machine that offers high-speed operation, low maintenance, and consistent quality outputs you will need to consider several factors and look for a brand that is known to offer the best performance and reliability.

Considering which machines or manufacturers are the absolute best is subjective as different things will hold different values for each business and ‘the best’ machine will be the one that suits packaging volume requirements, product, production processes, physical space, finance, size of your business and your specific packaging needs.

In order to get a better understanding of what to look for when it comes to purchasing packaging equipment, we spoke with Shaun Bryce of Melbpack who has more than 14 industry experience.

Here’s what he had to say:

Investing in a packaging machine likely means reliability and performance will be a key component considering a business’ entire distribution process is dependent on this machines performance and reliability. In this post, we share some key consideration when selecting a packaging machine that best suits your product and facility.

The top-performing Shrink-Wrapping Machines

We have shared our evaluation of two packaging machines singled out for their proven performance in a fast-paced production environment. Our team of packaging experts recommend the VoltaSemi Automatic and Servos machines. These machines rate highly for performance, durability, capability, ease of repair, speed, customer service and reliability.

  • Volta

Construction and design are key considerations when you think reliability in a shrink sealing machine. New technology and smart designs in packaging solutions means the Volta machine has been designed with fewer moving parts meaning fewer complexities and things to break.

Over time overall efficiency has been improved, motors have been redesigned to use less electricity, parts such as timing belts have been strengthened and business owners spend less on maintenance and repairs.

While we understand the Volta shrink wrappers is a big investment we also know this is one of our top machines offering long-term quality outputs your business can rely on.

  • The Extreme Rotary

This machine is another example of an innovative design technology where the previous mechanical repetitive opening and closing of the moving roll carriage was time-consuming its now been replaced by a head moving back and forth with top and bottom jaws that open and close which means this machine is faster, requires less maintenance and offers exceptional reliability.

  • Looking for the Fastest?

Speed and operation efficiency will depend on your business industry, production lines whether they are running 24/7, one shift a day or just three times a month. The type of application process also affects the speed whether you are Shrink-wrapping or stretch wrapping.

We usually determine the speed of your operational needs by conducting a line audit very often it is not the speed of the machine but about examining the whole process and optimizing the line.

  • Looking for a Reliable Stretch Wrapper?

If you are shipping high volumes of pallets, then stretch wrappers with a high rate of reliability would be at the top of your ‘must have’ list. Our service team finds that Nobel wrappers provide consistency, speed, dependability and reliability in this type of environment.

Nobels customer service is outstanding and our ‘go-to’ brand for customers looking for pallet wrappers. Nobel keeps extensive records of all of their machines, which is particularly helpful when service is needed and with proper use and maintenance these machines provide years of uninterrupted service.

  • Looking for something that’s easy to Repair?

All machines have integrated moving parts that experience wear and tear under continuous use, so ongoing servicing and repairs will at some point be part of the mechanical maintenance process.

The Extreme sealing machines’ technology and the design incorporates the understanding that repairs inevitably happen, and they design their machines so that they are easy to service. For example, covers are easy to open, all parts of the machine are exposed, motors are direct-drive, mounted outside the frame and easily serviced and accessible.

When deciding and evaluating which machines are the most financially viable for you ormost reliable, easiest to repairor fastest,we begin by evaluating our customers’ needs before the actual machine.

We always consider your businesses needs and overall production goals to determine the best in packaging machinery options for you. We also offer a free tool to help you determine the best purchase for your facilities ‘needs enabling you to compare the speed of production required, sizes of packaging machines and the available space in your facility to implement an efficient packaging process.

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