Benefits of Using a Whiteboard Animation Company

Benefits of Using a Whiteboard Animation Company

Marketing is a tricky subject. You must combine facts with something that catches the viewers’ attention. Text is often overlooked when individuals visit a website or scroll through social media.

Long videos may also send people looking for more instant gratification. The main goal is to reach the target audience and get them stay focused long enough to become a customer.

Whiteboard animation combines several qualities that help to accomplish this goal.


Many times, there is a strict marketing budget. It pays to research the statistics to find out what consumers are drawn to. Statistics show that over 80 percent of individuals stop to view videos when they are browsing the internet. Text advertisements may be less expensive.

They may not, however, bring the revenue increase you are trying to achieve. Whiteboard animations provide the desired video format while also sharing narrated text. This varied format is more efficient than long text explanations. It provides a complete understanding with increased memory retention.

The Right Length

Most people are overwhelmed with daily responsibilities. There is little time left over to delve deeply into a new learning endeavor. People that sift through the internet in their spare time are looking for instant gratification. They are not likely to read through a complicated and detailed piece of text.

A lengthy video is also unlikely to be watched all the way through. Many people check time on a video before clicking on it, as well. It is unusual for someone to commit to a 20-minute video on a product or service. Whiteboard animation combines quality information with a reasonable time frame.

Changes the Way People Think

When a whiteboard animation is used, people begin to think differently. There are some theories that deal with how the brain reacts to these enticing videos. Mirror neurons spring into action when you visualize someone else competing an action. Your brain makes you think you are engaging in the action, as well.

During a whiteboard animation video, the drawings happen before your eyes. These actions trigger mirror neurons in the potential customers that come across your video. Dopamine is released at the end of each frame when a drawing is finished.

This simply makes people feel good, as if they have accomplished something themselves. It also leaves watchers craving more. All this engagement leaves individuals ready to follow suggestions and take action at the end of the video.


By the time people begin to search the internet for fun, they may be at the end of a long day. Exhaustion may be setting in, leaving them unwilling to engage in detailed text. Many videos also require viewers to commit to following an intricate story line.

Whiteboard animation presents like a comic strip. It does not overwhelm a tired mind. The simple lines and basic text enable complex material to be easily understood.

Wide Range of Depictions

Images are a big part of advertising. You want something that grabs the attention of the guest. Images can be expensive to purchase. Whiteboard animations are a great asset when you need something specific. The right artist can draw whatever you desire.

They can easily match your video images to the details of your campaign. A good animation company appoints a representative or an artist to meet with potential clients. This allows for a better understanding of the marketing goal.

A thorough explanation of the product or idea helps the artist create a more appropriate presentation.

Attracts Mobile Device Users

People that use computers to browse the web tend to switch sites quickly, rarely settling on one long enough to reach a full understanding of the information provided. Marketing goals should include an outreach that works on mobile sites.

Most businesses embrace the availability of social media sites to boost their business. A whiteboard animation can be used in a post to attract a larger number of users. People tend to browse on their phones at times when they have a few minutes to spare.

Think about how you use your time when you are stuck waiting in a doctor’s office or a waiting for your child’s baseball game to begin. Mobile users are more likely to watch an entire video than computer users.

Increases Memory

Many people turn to the internet when they are searching for a specific product. They may be doing preliminary research, however. When they are ready to purchase, you need to make sure that your website comes to mind.

Whiteboard animations are more likely to make their way into long-term memory than other advertising methods. The combination of animation with simplified explanations imprints on the minds of viewers.

These advertisements are different than those of competitors, as well. When website visitors are ready to spend their money, your site is the first place they may go.  

Whiteboard animation is growing in popularity as an advertising method for many business types. It is unique because it works for products, as well as complicated concepts. You are more likely to get additional information across to your viewers in this format.

The ease of use on a variety of media platforms makes it easier for whiteboard animation to reach your target audience, as well. The cost of whiteboard animation is easily justified, as it is one of the most efficient advertising methods available. Simple explanations coupled with customized animations make each video one of a kind.

Hence, it is exceedingly desirable that your business takes professional help in devising a great whiteboard animation video with all the necessary qualities.

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