Still Waiting for Royal Enfield Twins? Here Are Your Immediate Options

Still Waiting for Royal Enfield Twins? Here Are Your Immediate Options

Look around, and you’ll find several kinds of bikers, those who like cruisers others who love sports bikes. Many like to crank up the engines to their full potential, while others find solace and peace of mind as they ride into the unknown. All experiences have their appeal and to each their own.

But one thing’s for sure; you cannot enjoy the ride unless you have the right motorcycle to accompany you.

To a seasoned rider, the perfect bike is the one, which can satiate the growing hunger for power and offer exceptional riding capability. And the category of 400-650 cc motorcycles in India delivers on that promise.

Leading the pack, we have the bikes from Royal Enfield, which have genuinely changed the touring game for the Indian youth.

Whether it’s the 500 Classic or Thunderbird, there is no denying that RE has become the dream bike of millions across India. Already, we see an immense furore for the upcoming 650 Continental Twins.

But while we await the Twins to hit the street, here are some exciting motorcycle models that are impressing us with their capabilities.

1). Honda CBR 650F

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There is no denying that Honda CBR is one of the most recognisable nameplates worldwide. In India; however, the CBR brand was not properly utilised by its makers, with their low selling models like CBR 150R and CBR 250R failing to impress the youth.

But that changed quickly with the launch of the CBR 650F. With it’s inline four, liquid cooled, 648.7 cc engine that can churn out 62.9 Nm of torque and 87 PS of power, the CBR 650F offers the coveted combination of power and ride comfort. Now, this is what a true flagship model looks like!

2). Royal Enfield Bullet 500

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Packing the old-school charm of retro roadsters, the Royal Enfield Bullet 500 needs no introduction. The robust offering from RE reminiscences of the bygone eras, with its quintessential basic design of the older Bullets.

The motorcycle even features the body panels and tank with the pin-striping job done by bare hands. Its power centre is a retuned iteration of the air-cooled, single cylinder, carburetted 499 cc engine that can churn out 26.3 PS power and 40.9 Nm torque.

No wonder, the Bullet 500 is the most preferred motorcycle for riders to scale the highways of Himalayas.

3). Royal Enfield Classic 500

Image Source: Shutterstock

It won’t be an exaggeration if we say that the Bullet 500 is probably the most good looking on the Royal Enfield roster. This premium tourer is a treat for sore eyes with its plethora of paint options, old world charm, and riding capability that is second to none.

Under the skin, this premium motorcycle packs air cooled, single cylinder, fuel-injected 499 cc engine. As a result, the bike pumps out 27.5 PS of power and 41.3 Nm of torque – something even the iconic Bullet 500 can’t do.

4). Benelli TNT 600 GT

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The Italian motorcycle makers are known for their aggressive and equally impressive line-up of streetfighters. With the TNT 600 GT; however, Benelli tries to deliver a power-packed sports tourer that is equally powerful as it is practical. Needless to say, it stands out from the entire Benelli line-up and is one of the most sought-after 600 cc motorcycles in India.

At its core, the Benelli TNT 600 GT features an inline four, liquid cooled, 600 cc engine that pumps out 54.6 Nm of torque and 85 PS of power. To top it all, the bike is aggressively priced, much lower than its other twin cylinder peers.

5). Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500

Image Source: Wiki Commons

If the Classic 500 is the most beautiful Royal Enfield on offer, the Thunderbird 500 is the most comfortable tourer on the roster. The spirited motorcycle features low-slung cruiser ergonomics, a high raised handlebar and low split seats.

At its core, the bike features a single cylinder, air-cooled, fuel-injected 499 cc engine that delivers 27.5 PS of power and 41.3 Nm of torque. Overall, the Thunderbird 500 is a trustworthy companion and a delight to ride on those winding highways of the Himalayas.

6). Royal Enfield Continental GT

Image Source: Shutterstock

With the Triumph Thruxton being upgraded to the 1200 cc café racer category, the Royal Enfield Continental GT is now officially the only café racer below 700 cc in India, that is before the 650 Twins hit the showrooms.

Royal Enfield is known to defy all odds when it comes to designing high-performance bikes and surprise us with their ingenuity. The Continental GT too, is an ambitious take on the quintessential café racers of the European markets, with its single piece seat, a bar-end mirrors and rear cowl.

This flagship motorcycle is powered by a bored-out single cylinder, air-cooled, 535 cc engine that can churn up to 29.5 PS of power and 44 Nm of torque. Without a doubt, this motorcycle is one of the most powerful proponents in the 400-650 category.

While foreign motorcycle brands such as Benelli, Triumph, Honda, Kawasaki and Ducati are slowly making their way into the mainstream, the youth continues to be star-struck by the ‘Indian’ Royal Enfield. And with the upcoming 650 Twins, the Indian bike makers look to be in no mood to let go of their market dominance.

The two Royal Enfield Twins 650 cc – Continental GT and Interceptor are expected to be loaded with some of the best performance and riding capabilities that we have ever seen or heard of. And naturally, they are generating a lot of furore ahead of their launch.

To our surprise, all the hype is even affecting the bike insurance sector. As a result, major insurers are offering affordable bike insurance on the existing motorcycle models and are set to introduce even more competitive deals on comprehensive two-wheeler insurance.

Comprehensive bike insurance is not mandatory by law, however, it is highly recommended to opt for the same if you are going to buy any of the two-wheeler models mentioned above or other bike for your choice. It will offer not only third-party liability coverage but also ‘own damage’ and ‘personal accident’ covers.

So, if you are all geared up and excited about the launch of the 650 twins, start saving, do your research and be sure to check all the available comprehensive bike insurance plans to keep you and your wheeled beauty safe.

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