A Digital Nomad’s Guide to India – 3 Places Deserve Your Undivided Attention

A Digital Nomad’s Guide to India - 3 Places Deserve Your Undivided Attention

In the modern era, the notion of working outside the traditional office setting has become more commonplace, especially among tech companies and other forward-thinking businesses. Embracing the approach of setting up shop wherever it’s convenient has its appeal.

It means never getting bored, for one thing. There are also so many places now, especially in India, that are perfect for this sort of endeavor. Many of the cafes, bookstores, and coffee shops have WiFi, and they are eager to host a group of creative types working on their next project.

If you are looking for coworking spaces Bangalore has many to offer. Here are three of the best ones:

Social Offline

Social Offline is located on Church Street near Cubbon Park, one of the most famous landmarks in the city. Before your team gets to work or after, you can take a stroll around the park, if you don’t mind dodging the crowds of tourists.

As for the facility, it is a combination office space-coffee shop. It manages to be both formal and relaxed simultaneously, with many comfortable seating options, fast internet, and scanning and printing services.

There’s even a gaming area with a PlayStation 4 and games. Make sure that you handle your work before playtime, though.


Another favorite for the digital nomad, NextSpace, located in HSR Layout, lets you choose a private office space for your team or adjoining desks. There’s high-speed internet, as much coffee and tea as you can drink, and there are also whiteboards you can borrow for brainstorming.

They’re always looking for mentors who are willing to help with the younger crowd that hangs out there, so sign up if you have the time. Probably the best feature of this option is the location, as it is easily reached by public transportation.

GoodWorks CoWork

No list of the best coworking spaces would be complete without GoodWorks CoWork, located in the popular Whitefield suburb. The furniture is comfortable and ergonomically designed, and there is an IT person on hand at all times to make sure that the internet connection never experiences any hiccups.

One of the best features of this location, though, is the networking opportunities.

There’s always a bustling group of professionals and entrepreneurs of all ages engaged in lively conversation, so if you have some spare moments, you’re sure to meet some interesting people. For newcomers, there are meet-and-greets on Thursday so you can familiarize yourself with the space, and on Friday there are doughnuts on offer.

Increased Popularity of Coworking Spaces

It seems that in addition to India, Silicon Valley in the US, as well as major cities in Japan and China have latched onto the idea of coworking spaces. Probably those who spend all of their time in the same cramped cubicle day after day will be thrilled if this kind of enterprise continues growing in popularity.

If you visit Bangalore, though, or if you live there and you’re ready for a meetup, these are your three best bets for where to spend a day with your coworkers.

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