Don’t Forget These 4 Things When Winterizing Your Boat

Don't Forget These 4 Things When Winterizing Your Boat

Owning a boat is something many people dream about, but that dream can quickly shatter if you don’t provide regular care and maintenance to this new member of your family, especially now when summer draws its final breath and cold months of fall and winter are upon us.

We’ve had a discussion with guys at Propulsion Control Engineering and they gave us insight on how to best prepare your boat for upcoming months when the weather and low temperatures are not the kindest.

One final ride for the season

As poetic as the subheading may sound, this final ride is very important as a means of inspection of the current state of affairs. You need one final test journey before you anchor it for the season.

Inspect if old issues have been resolved, or if any new ones came up. Gather as much info and then use the off-season to tackle any malfunction and/or improve existing elements.

The goal is not just to establish protection during this period of inactivity, but achieve top form for the next season.

So one last ride is the best way to find out what needs fixing and if there’s any room for improvement.

Remember to drain the fuel

Better safe than sorry is always a good piece of advice. You should leave as little room for risks over the winter as possible.

Fuel is one of those potential risks, and you definitely want to empty your tank to avoid contacting moisture which would later cause various problems to your engine. We are talking about at least 6 months of different temperatures and humidity here, and no matter how isolated your storage room is, letting gas stay in the tank is not the best idea and could lead to costly electric engine repair.

You should also use gas stabilizer for additional protection of your tank. Remember that you don’t need to do this yourself if you don’t feel confident enough, contacting a professional is always an option.

Time to cover

After you’ve done the first two things, it is time to thoroughly clean the boat inside out. It is much easier to do it now while it’s still ‘’fresh’’ than wait a whole year and be bothered with that chore at the start of a new season.

No matter how well you store the boat, you’d always need protection from outer elements like rain, snow, debris, wind, etc. The best way to protect it is cover it well. Erect it from the water and put it on stands so you can approach it from all sides and wrap it properly.

Make sure you don’t leave any open space and possibly compromise the entire wrapping process. You can use shrink wrapping, it’s pretty easy to put on and remove, or you can opt for any boat wrap kit on the market.

Be sure to find what fits best and watch some tutorials before commencing the cover-up.

In search for a good storage

Unless you own a storage facility, then the final step of winterisation begins here. In other words, you need to pick just the right storage for your boat, and we all know how difficult it can be.

It’s not exactly like you’d be picking an apartment to live in, but still, you need the best place possible for your beloved toy. Search online, read comments, experiences, ask around, and most importantly visit storages you are interested in to confirm that their online offer translates to real life.

Protecting your boat from weather and elements is the most important aspect of your search, but you should also pay great heed to security measures.

Check if they have cameras and alarms, and ask if they can explain how they would counter various security breaches and risks. When you find the perfect safe haven, the money you’d spend renting is totally worth it.

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