Stop Cutting Corners on Your WordPress Blog

Stop Cutting Corners on Your WordPress Blog

The year is 2018 and it seems that every man, woman and dog either has or had a blog. Just 10 years ago, blogging was a concept that was only just getting off the ground, reserved for memoirs and online diaries.

Now, though, the blogger-sphere has well and truly erupted with blogs online covering almost every niche possible. Parents blogs, lifestyle blogs, career blogs, technology blogs, sports blogs, dog blogs, DIY blogs and food blogs barely even scratch the surface of what is available in the present day.

Quantity, though, doesn’t necessarily mean quality and – to someone that takes great interest in digital media – it hurts to see where many a blogger has cut corners in getting themselves online. Cheap and generic WordPress templates, free domain names and generally poor quality can be seen on the majority of underperforming (as well as some performing) blogs.

Please, please, take this advice and do NOT cut corners if you are in the middle of creating a new blog. Please. We beg you.

Be Unique

There is little more off-putting than clicking on a new blog, only to think that you have already been on it before. Could it be the unoriginal content? The unimaginative blog name? Or could it be the fact that the blog is using the same WordPress template that is being used on thousands of other blogs?

It’s probably that. Yes, you want to keep your costs down to a minimum, however, you should do everything you can to refrain from picking one of the few free templates that WordPress offers. For example, do you know how many bloggers are using the Twenty Seventeen theme? Far too many is the answer.

Don’t be afraid to call on a digital design agency if you are serious about making your blog work. A unique presentation is vital if you are to be seen as a serious blogger. For more information, you can visit this website.

.Org over .Com

WordPress users will be fully aware that there are two different versions of the CMS available. One being and the other This can be confusing to those of whom aren’t as familiar with the system as others, but to make it simple .com is the (highly) stripped back version of .org.

On .com, your capability is limited. While you don’t have to worry about paying for a host for your new blog, this really isn’t where you want to be if you want to build your blog commercially. With .org, you will have to download WordPress to your computer, but this gives you the capability of customising your website exactly how you see fit.

On .com, you can only edit your blog’s appearance to a certain point, and you can’t install plugins or any e-commerce capability. With, you can install as many plugins as you wish (just don’t go crazy, otherwise you will harm the performance of your blog) and e-commerce (WooCommerce is considered the go-to option for WordPress websites).

Quality over Quantity

Lastly, and most importantly, ensure that the content on your blogs is quality. No one is expecting you to be able to post every day as an independent blogger. If you do your research on the best performing independent bloggers, you will see that very few manage to religiously post every day, meaning that you can put more focus on making sure what you post is worthy of your name.

Look for a gap in the market and find your niche early on because, if you are only posting on the same topics as everyone else and offering nothing unique, what reason are you giving a potential audience to visit your little piece of the internet? A well-written and targeted post has the potential to be shared around the world.

Hopefully, having read this blog, any thoughts you had of cutting corners have long been banished. If they haven’t, we invite you to read this blog again and again until you get the message.

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  1. Nice tips. In fact even I was not interested in spending much on my blog. After all how can one spend a large sum on something when we are not sure of its success. And web designers charge large sum for even basic designing.

  2. Informative post indeed…!!!

    Thanks for sharing useful WordPress tips with us…Have a week ahead…!!!

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