Sweater – Not just Black and Grey Anymore!

Sweater – Not just Black and Grey Anymore!

I sometimes wonder if latest fashion for women is a myth that rules our lives. But then again, it is quite the reality that determines so many of our wardrobe choices. Right from the choice of colors, length of the outfits, kind of fabrics to have handy till the number of clothes for each season.

The way the fashion trends emerge or resurface, sometimes makes me think if it’s all one huge pre planned scientific drill that opens up new possibilities every season! Well, these are thoughts and they can go anywhere!

At the same time, there are some elements of a lady’s wardrobe that are standard and does not change irrespective of what fashion gurus say. One such is the sweaters for women.

Sweaters for women, which were mostly hygiene and must have clothes for winters are generally seen in every lady’s wardrobe. It is the awareness of the lady in question of her fashion senses and what is trendy that will help her pick this piece of the garment to last over fashion trends and cycles.

It is interesting to note that it if for this exact same reason that so many women choose colors like black, grey and brown as a color for the choice of sweaters for women.

However, latest fashion for women does not exclude the sweaters or the entire range of winter wear at all.

Some of the latest trends in winter wear or warm wear or outer wear are so brilliant that they can be absolute show stoppers.

The colors that are included in sweaters and the whole winter wear are a far cry from the usual black, grey and brown. There are warm blues, bold reds and sprightly ombre shades.

On top of it fashion houses from across the world have thrown in their bit of patterns, designs, styles and cuts to the most regular pieces to make them head turners.

Latest fashion for women in sweaters makes them look so good that its hard to call them “sweaters” with the regular image in our minds.

A good many retailers in India are opening up to possibilities in this line of garments. For the most part, in India, sweaters are bought in pastel shades apart from the black, grey and brown.

“Sweaters for women” is a segment that Indian women have realized can be made into practical and splendid outer wear for multiple occasions and multiple uses.

What generally came out of the wardrobe to keep oneself warm in winters is now part of official clothing, party wear and casual clothing too. Women in India are able to source best of the winter clothing from able retailers like Mustard with a good digital presence.

Sweaters are now available beyond the usual front open buttoned crop top style of full sleeved sweaters. They are now accessible for everyone through online platforms in truly global styles.

Who knows, some of these might have taken inspiration from a model walking down the ramp in Milan with nothing but a sweater for women!

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