SEO Tools You Need To Promote Your Youtube Videos In 2018

SEO Tools You Need To Promote Your Youtube Videos In 2018

Video content and live streaming have become a social media marketing trend that you cannot afford to ignore: at any cost. According to statistics by Hubspot, 78 percent of the people online watch videos every other week, whereas 55 percent of them view online videos on a daily basis.

Why is it so important to optimize your Youtube content? Well, note that Youtube comes second after Google, as the most used and visited search engine. The reason as to why you need to do everything possible to promote your Youtube content to stay ahead of the game.

The following six tools will be of great help in promoting your Youtube videos.

  1. Canva

What will Canva do for you? Well, it will work some miracles on your thumbnail. A thumbnail is a representation of a more extensive image: once you click on it. So what Canva does is to create alluring thumbnails for your channel that will immediately grab the attention of users. Canva will help you get the right resolution, image format and compress the size of the image: you do not want to slow your channel’s loading speed.

The beauty of Canva is that is user-friendly and will not give you a hard time in creating customized thumbnails for your video content.

  1. Cyfe

Analyzing your Youtube stats is as detrimental as keeping track of your posts Facebook shares. Cyfe gives you all the information on essential metrics such as traffic sources, engagement, views and audience retention. More so, it allows you to oversee how your channel is performing comprehensively.

You will need this tool for you to gauge whether your audience is loving what you are producing for them, or you have to refine your content.

  1. BirdSong Analytics’ YouTube Analysis

As the name suggests, BirdSong Analytics’ YouTube Analysis is a tool that allows you to keep an eye on what the competition is up to. Remember that it is crucial to monitor your competition from any arena. Monitoring the competition is the only way you will learn of the industry’s expectations and the techniques that work best.

BirdSong Analytics’ gives you information on when your competitor does uploads, the time which they upload most and the words they use most in their captions. Additionally, the tool will also feed you with information regarding how the length of their videos affect the view count and audience engagement.

  1. DrumUP

What is DrumUp? DrumUp is a tool that is used to schedule the posting of a video. Posting content on social media can be hectic at times, and you may sometimes even forget that you are supposed to post something.

DrumUp will make sure that your audience does not miss any of your posts. Good thing is that it allows you to simultaneously post on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Finally, the tool also allows you to do previews before they go live.

  1. Keyword Ranking Tool

If it well used, keywords can be a goldmine for your channel, that is, if you use them well. While it may be a little challenging, it does not mean you have to struggle much. The Keyword Ranking Tool will help you identify the keywords you will need to take you to the top rank.

How does it do it? It tracks new keywords that are doing well or have the potential to and high ranking keywords. The catch is that it helps you spot the keywords and use them before the competition does, hence giving you a competitive advantage.

It is also worth noting that proper keyword usage is ensuring that you include your keywords in your titles, descriptions and video tags.

  1. Keyword Density Tool

Last but not least, is a Keyword Density Tool. Yes, it is another point on keywords. Much emphasis is put in keywords as it is a significant determinant of the ranking you get on search engine result pages. This tool helps you to avoid the temptations and mistake of overusing keywords.

Remember that relevance is critical when it comes to the usage of keywords. What you use should be in line with what you have in your videos. The job of this tool is to ensure that your primary keywords carry the right density for them to rank well.  

If you do keyword stuffing or spamdexing you could probably hurt your website and even get penalized: something that will send your many years of hard work to the drains.

Good ranking is essential as no one will be able to see what you have to offer if your brand is not showing up on the results.

Do not forget to evenly distribute your keywords in the video description for it to be easily found when a user types a relevant keyword. To track other metrics for your video content, you should consider using for accurate results.

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