Progressive Power – Why Businesses Are Considering Switching To Solar

Progressive Power - Why Businesses Are Considering Switching To Solar

The decision to switch to solar isn’t something you do by simply flipping a coin. For most businesses, it is a big decision and requires proper evaluation and planning.

Nowadays, more and more businesses are making the move to solar power to reduce their energy bills, improve their company image and of course, to reduce their carbon footprint and lower their environmental impact.

Going solar has never been so accessible and easy. With the increase in utility bills and the decreases in buying and installing a solar system, solar energy has proven to be a cost-effective solution in today’s business climate.

If you haven’t made the move yet or you are starting to consider switching to solar power there are many advantages and potential improvements solar system can bring to your enterprise.

Continue reading to learn more about the business benefits of the solar switch and how you can benefit from this renewable energy source.

Solar Energy Stability

In the last decade, the price of electricity price has increased by 63%. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission says that the price is affected by a lack of competition, a high cost of infrastructure and problems with affordability.

The average residential customer’s bill was $1,524 in 2015/2016. For businesses, the invoices are significantly higher, depending on the type of industry and the number of employees, but on average are about 6 times more.

Switching to solar energy will not only reduce your electricity costs but will keep them steady. The fixed price of electricity produced from PV panels is 5p, which is at least 50% less than electricity provided by other suppliers. The sun is a reliable and stable energy source that you can rely on to power your business going forward.

Low Maintenance Costs

Once the installations are done, you are almost carefree for the next twenty to thirty years. Manufacturers generally advise preemptive inspections every few years to make sure that all parts of your solar electric power system are operating correctly. With a tilt angle of 10 degrees or greater, solar systems essentially clean themselves.

If the panels are placed on a flat roof without being tilted, you will need to hose them down every couple of months to ensure they remain efficient and stand the test of time.

Some dealers include a solar monitoring system, allowing you to observe your actual output against specified warrantied performance rates. Good monitors will input daily weather data for a more accurate daily analysis, daily consumption of power and drops in performance.

All in all, with low maintenance costs, along with the industry standard of 25 years’ warranty solar systems are an extremely cost-efficient option for businesses in Australia.

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Positive Company Image

Recent polls show that more than 70% of the population believes in climate change and is concerned about the environment. In the last twenty years, environmentalism has started playing a pivotal role in marketing campaigns and business branding, helping to attract consumers who demand quality goods and services, with minimal environmental footprint.

Markets comprised of environmentally conscious consumers are welcoming companies that promote “green” ways of doing business.

Utilising solar power and being an advocate for green business practices will be looked on favourably by consumers, will improve your company image and ultimately lead to a more successful future for your organisation.

Move Your Business Towards A Brighter Future

Some of the most successful companies in the world are making changes to be more sustainable and more environmentally-conscious and they are doing so with great success.

These changes are having a positive impact on their success and there’s no reason why your company can’t follow in their footprints.

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