Important Facts You Should know About Vin Diesel

Important Facts You Should know About Vin Diesel

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We all know Vin Diesel as a fast action movie star. He is particularly loved for his badass acting persona and tough person antics. Movies such as Saving Private Ryan and The Chronicles of Ridick propelled him into mainstream fame while his role as Dominic Torreto in The Fast and the Furious, and Xander Cage in XXX series gained him cult following in the whole world. He has directed and produced several other movies, which make him kind of a big fish in Hollywood.

In this article, we are going to see some of the interesting and important facts about him that you did not know and I bet your number one is going to blow your mind. He is such a loveable person and the facts I have highlighted below are going to tell you so.

So, what are the things that you do not know about Diesel?

  • Vin Diesel Is Not His Real Name

You have been calling him Vin Diesel all along and most people assume that is his name. Vin Diesel is a stage name. His real is name is Mark Sinclair. You read right, the badass actor has a name that does not match his acting profile.

Who could have guessed that the scar faced actor would be called Sinclair. I guess you know so whenever you see a Vin Diesel movie, just remember his name.

  • He Has A Fraternal Twin Brother

Vin Diesel has a twin brother called Paul Vincent Sinclair and no he is not bald for those who have started assuming. There is a lot of resemblance between the two and if only Diesel had hair, they would look alike. Paul Vincent has managed to keep it in the low despite having a famous brother.

However, he was recently forced to come to the limelight when websites started posting pictures of a random man under his name. Paul currently works in the movie industry too as a film director and the sound director.

  • He Is The Father Of Three

Many Hollywood actors shy away from responsibility but it is probably not Vin Diesel. He is the father of three children all whom he had with his longtime girlfriend Paloma Jimenez. His first-born is a girl called Hania Riley who was born in 2008.

He has a son called Vincent Sinclair born in 2010 and his last-born is a girl named Pauline. Pauline was named as a tribute to his late friend from the Fast And Furious franchise, Paul Walker who passed away in November 2013 in a fatal road accident.

  • He Does Not Know His Ethnicity

Diesel was raised by his mother and does not have any clue of his father. His mother is of England, German, Scottish, and Irish ancestry. He admits to knowing very little of his father’s background and heritage and said that his mother told him he has connections to many cultures.

  • He Was To Play In Saving Private Ryan By Steven Spielberg

Diesel failed to launch his acting career earlier on and decided to take matters into his own hands. He therefore wrote and starred in his own movie called Multi-Facial. The movie was featured in the Cannes Film festival.

Steven Spielberg was impressed by the production and invited Diesel for a role in his new production saving Private Ryan. The role proved to be the big break in Vin Diesel and it raised his acting career to new levels.

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  • He Made His Acting Debut At The Age Of 7

Vin Diesel made his debut in acting by appearing in a play called Dinosaur Door, which was written by Barbara Garson. The play was done at The Theater for the New City, which is located at Greenwich City, New York.

Diesel and his brother had broken into the theater to vandalize it but they were caught before doing so. The theater’s artistic director Crystal Field decided not to call the police and offered the two brothers scripts for roles in the upcoming play.

  • He Once Worked As A Bouncer

Here is another fact about Vin Diesel. At the age of 17, he worked at a nightclub called the Tunnel, which is located in New York. This is where he got his stage name. “Vin” was a short form of his name Vincent while “Diesel” referred to his endless stamina.

He says his friends nicknamed him this because he used diesel so he never ran out of energy.

  • He Dropped Out Of College

Vin Diesel joined Hunter College in New York where he pursued a degree in Creative Writing but he soon dropped out to pursue an acting career in Hollywood. Things did not fare well for him in Los Angeles.

He was rejected by many productions citing his theater background. After being frustrated by the turn of events, he eventually returned to New York.

  • He Founded A Game Company

In 2002, Diesel started a video game company called Tigon Studios, which produced two movie-based games, The Chronicles of Riddick and Escape from Butcher Bay. The company has a part in all Vin Diesel based games. It is working on making more next generation games for the world.

  • He Once Dated Michelle Rodriguez

In the Fast and Furious sequel, Torreto and Letty have a very serious romantic relationship. Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez whose performances touches fans so much act the parts. Some even wonder if the relationship is actually real off the screen.

It turns out the two have been together in the past but the relationship did not last that long. In addition, Diesel now has a family, which means things will never work out with “Letty”.

  • He Was Offered A Part In “Daredevil”

Back in 2002, Diesel was offered a part in the action movie Daredevil that he declined. The part eventually went to Ben Affleck.

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