4 Ladies Fashion Tips & Trends For Monsoon 2018

4 Ladies Fashion Tips & Trends For Monsoon 2018

The monsoons are finally here. While potholes and puddle-soaked shoes can possibly make you hate the downpour, the drizzling rain and the mesmerizing breezy weather can make you fall in love with the season.

Since monsoon involves extreme rainfall, justifying the season with the right outfits and trends can be quite cumbersome. Moreover, muddy streets and torrential downpour, can make dressing up pleasant quite a challenge!

While you might cherish staying at home and sipping a cup of coffee with your favorite snacks, monsoon is the best time to go out and embrace the weather.

There is a constant confusion, however regarding how to keep things trendy while being rain-friendly at the same time. But with just a few tips and trends, you can revamp your wardrobe and style.

Scroll down to keep your fashion game on point this monsoon :

1. Fabric is important

Picking the right fabric in monsoons is as important as any other season. Moreover, monsoons are quite demanding in terms of picking up clothes which don’t go sheer when wet. But this doesn’t mean going heavy is the only option. Instead, you ought to go light with the fabrics.

While you cannot deny the fact that cotton perfectly suits the weather since it is light and comfortable, let the humidity hit and you won’t find it drying anytime faster. The fit also plays a part and going loose is the best thing you can do during the monsoon.

While cotton Indian Designer Dresses are our top picks to go for when you don’t intend to get soaked, it is the fabrics such as nylon or chiffon which you must opt for if you plan the opposite. These fabrics tend to dry faster and hence are perfect for the drizzling season.

Avoid wearing linen clothes as they tend to shrink on coming in contact with rainwater. Also, refrain from wearing denim, silk or satin as well as they get sticky.

2. Choose the right footwear

While sandals and heels are the staple accessories for other seasons, you would want something comfortable and fast-drying during the rains. Flip-flops perfectly fit these requirements. Moreover, if you are someone who has to travel often or are a college-going student, there is nothing better than a pair of flip-flops during the monsoon season.

For those days when you want to stay completely safe, don a pair of rain boots and you are all-ready to enjoy the rain. Moreover, if you have a party to attend, they can actually amp up your style. Stay dry and explore in style with the right type of footwear this monsoon.

3. Accessorizing like a pro

Making a statement gets easier with the right kind of accessories. Talking about the latest monsoon fashion trends, umbrellas are more of a necessity which can be used as a reflection of your personality. While fun, bright colored umbrellas can make your attire appear playful and vibrant, classic prints can do a lot to bring out the kid in you.

Coming on next to the jewelry, metallic fashion is something you must stay away from. Since they tend to oxidize on being exposed to humidity, pick up plastic or wood adornments instead. You won’t find any difficulty finding the best designer jewelry online.

To protect your belongings from the rain, go for waterproof or polyester totes and satchels. Also be as minimalistic as possible with the bags.

4. Statement Scarves

Beating the chills becomes easier with scarves during monsoon. A printed scarf over muted formals, moreover, can add that much needed drama to your office attire. If we talk about a pattern which has always been in vogue, it’s the animal patterns in different shades.

Do include it in your wardrobe as it can make even the most boring outfit come to life. Apart from keeping you safe from the harsh weather, you can also use the scarf to keep frizz away by rolling it over your head.

To conclude, who says that you need to play it safe with style in the rain? These stunning outfits and accessories from Carma Online luxury fashion portal are a testament to the fact that style lies in substance, no matter what the occasion or weather is!

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