Why Breads should be a Part of your Everyday Meals?

Why Breads should be a Part of your Everyday Meals

Are you having bread every day? Well, some people might lead you to believe that consuming bread might just contribute towards health issues. However, this notion is inaccurate. Bread has been a staple part of our diet since a very long time and continues to be consumed universally.

What’s made them even more desirable is the huge variety they are available in. The most popular variants are white bread, fruit bread, brown bread, high fibre bread, etc.

Apart from the fact that bread are highly nutritious and easily available, ever wondered why should breads really be a part of your everyday meal? Read on to know the top reasons

Some breads have high carbohydrate content which reduces health risks

Carbs act as the fuel for our body: they provide energy for you to deal with your day, and help you keep going and functioning. Now, breads, especially Modern Foods’ 100% Whole Wheat bread, have the perfect carbohydrate content to provide you with nutrition.

In fact, Modern Food offers many other types breads in , like the Multigrain Hi Fibre Brown, Atta Shakti , are one of the healthiest breads around which will supplement you with high dietary fibre and other nutrients.

According to many studies, whole-grain carbs help reduce the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, obesity, stroke, and high blood pressure!

Breads can help you with weight loss

Since bread has the tendency to make you feel full relatively easily, you will automatically cut down on excess calories. This is all down to breads rich in dietary fibre which take a long time to get digested, meaning you won’t get hungry often after consuming bread.

Breads are good for your digestion

The vitamins and proteins found in whole-wheat bread provide great nourishment to skin cells, and hair follicles, thus keeping you as far away from dermatologists as possible. Also, fibre is a well-known bowel regulator, thereby keeping your digestion healthy and on track.

Consuming bread can alter your mood

Ever wondered why you feel uplifted after snacking on a yummy sandwich? Well, you have bread to thank for. Carbs in bread promote the secretion of serotonin in the brain, thereby boosting your mood and helping reduce tension, stress and anxiety.

So, what are you waiting for? Go, have that bread pudding and other innovative bread dishes guilt-free!

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