Traditional SEO vs Automatic SEO?

Traditional SEO vs Automatic SEO

Sure, you created a beautiful website, but it’s pointless if you ain’t driving enough traffic to it. What’s the point in have a website that isn’t visible in search results? SEO is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your website. And, if you are not performing SEO, you are losing free potential traffic.

There are two different strategies to SEO, traditional and automatic (according to, and we compiled the pros and cons of each in this article.

Traditional SEO

Traditional SEO essentially requires an SEO expert to perform various activities related to on-page and off-page SEO to boost your site’s visibility in the search engines. Unfortunately, traditional SEO is incredibly time-consuming and involves much effort to do.

It is why most of the companies have a dedicated SEO team. Traditional SEO is also expensive as you are paying for each task and for the expertise of those who do it.

However, traditional SEO has its advantages. To start with, you have complete control over your SEO strategies, so that you can assure you are not going overboard.

You can choose the websites you want a backlink from and can ensure you publish high-quality and relevant content for your business.

Automatic SEO

Automatic SEO uses software to perform automate all the essential marketing processes. It is much cheaper and involves minimal effort to complete the ongoing SEO tasks. You need not be an SEO expert to handle tedious tasks like keyword density checks, website audits, checking for broken links and building tags.

You can quickly analyze your competitor’s strategies and measure the efficiency of your campaigns. Ultimately, automatic SEO lets you schedule tasks, enabling you to finish jobs in advance.

The principal disadvantage of automatic SEO is that if it can’t be monitored accurately. There is a possibility of you building low quality or spammed backlinks which may affect your search engine ranking.  

However, automatic SEO gives you a content recommendation that will guide you to create content that ranks well in search results. It will also provide you with details like how many words your blog length be and what are your related keywords to help you rank well in search engines. You can also read my latest blog on A Beautiful Website is useless if it does not rank in Google.

Which is Best?

SEO is an ongoing process that cannot be completely automated. Most online marketers find that using a blend of both traditional SEO and automatic SEO can give desired solutions for them. Automated doesn’t imply that there won’t be any human intervention at all.

These tools will help you and guide you with recommendations based on your target keywords to build SEO strategies and schedule your posts. You can even get a detailed competitor analyzes for you to understand how they are performing so that you can tweak your plan accordingly.

However, it is always smart to monitor and keep track of your SEO activities to ensure you are building quality links along with maximizing your visibility on search engines. There are few Automatic SEO solutions like SEMrush, MarketMuse and RedTim that may help you to save time and execute a successful SEO campaign.

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