Here’s How To Keep Yourself Fit For Your Next Surfing Trip

Here's How To Keep Yourself Fit For Your Next Surfing Trip

Surfing is one of the most favored sports when it comes to the tastes and preferences of water adventurers. In fact, it is known as the most addictive water sport of all times that is highly cherished by one and all.

It is often stated by surfers, that surfing gives a superhuman feeling of smoothly gliding and walking on waves and only those can imagine who have tried it at least once! However, it often becomes difficult for surfers to keep up with the perfect fitness that is required for attempting surfing at frequent intervals.

Not all fitness tactics work for all surfers, and that leaves you wondering which techniques might actually work for you. Well, call them standard or customary ideas, listed below are some of the tactics that will help you boost your strength, flexibility, balance and surfing power all the same time.

Keep a company with another surfing enthusiast

Staying fit for your next surfing trip or your entire surfing life will need to you to get the wheels rolling for committing to being fit in the first place. Well, irrespective of how adventurous or passionate you are about surfing, let’s face it that you do not always succeed to achieve your fitness practice target all the time.

Inviting a fitness buddy or joining a group can work more than you can imagine. Fitness exercises for surfing often include hard practicing sessions for which you will need to stay motivated, and this is a key reason why most regular surfers prefer practicing in teams.

Following a protein-rich balanced diet for consistent fitness is a must

Surfing is a sport where you need your entire body to be stout, light and flexible yet keep the strength factor alive. It is not really an easy target that can be solely achieved with exercise. It needs sheer dedication and all-inclusive fitness maintenance, and that also involves a healthful diet.

All your efforts shall not be executed correctly if you load yourself with excessive fatty items and processed foods. Since surfing is a muscle-oriented activity that needs all your body parts to be active at the same time, protein is the leading nutritional value you will require.

Other than that you can polish your stamina and resistant power with a wholesome, balanced diet of adequate leafy greens, multivitamins, protein and also fiber.

Try not to keep rewinding in a single fitness reel- Keep the variation on

As just mentioned, surfing is a full-body demanding activity, and you will want to focus on all parts of your body. It is best to try dynamic categories of activities that will help you ease into the flow of hardcore workout even if you were dormant for quite a time.

So, here’s how:

Warming up –

Warming up is the stepping stone to mastering the art of any physical activity, and same applies when it comes to surfing. However, some of the specialized warm-up moves for surfing are body joint regulating exercises, cardio exercises and lunges.

Balancing –

The backbone of surfing is balancing. Surfing requires you to balance on the board the entire time, and there are several ways to stimulate and retain balancing power. Many individuals face issues to practice mainstream balancing exercises, and one of the smartest technique is to use ‘wobble board’ to practice balancing.

This will work for you especially if you are a newbie in the act. Trying half-moon and tree pose directly can be difficult for some people, and you can simply get the same results by practicing walking heel to toe or standing on one leg.

Core practice –

Coming to the main fitness session, it is the heart of your fitness practices. In this session, you will activate your stamina and holding power. You can use fitness equipment as per your requirements and flexibility criteria. Using the right accessories and outfits in this session is highly essential as you do not want your efforts to result in opposite consequences.

So, you can use exercise ties and bands, proper safety shoes from Nike brand and also fitness jumpsuit. You will find plenty of other fitness outfits available as well that you can choose as per your comfort requirements.

Leg muscle exercises: Permanent ingredient in your fitness recipe

Lastly, consider focusing on your lower body muscles the most as this is the key to mastering the art of surfing. Remember that your legs will carry the entire weight and twitches and swings of your body when you cross those giant waves one by one.

It is crucial that you pay totally separate and special attention your lower body muscle. Achieving the perfection of lower body fitness is no rocket science, and you can be successful only by being dedicated to squads and leg extensions. One of the best ways to do it is by using regular skateboards as it will help in strengthening your leg muscles more consistently.

Other than that, you can even try some streamlined yoga moves for boosting your overall body flexibility. Yoga is the best work out technique that will add fuel to the fire of your fitness in multidimensional ways. Staying fit and active is an unconditional requirement when it comes to surfing.

When you keep your entire body energized, there are also fewer possibilities of uninvited injuries, cramps and sprains. So get all booted up for your surfing trip this season and simply nail it!

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