Goa – A Culinary Voyage

Goa – A Culinary Voyage

To get a taste of everything Goa has to offer, one has to travel the length and breadth of this small state. Journeying along coastal routes and through narrow countryside streets is a joy in itself, punctuated by impromptu stops at roadside food stalls. The best way to experience this is to get a car on rent and travel with friends.

Here are some great ideas for those who love to feel a culture through its cuisines.


The best place to see authentic Goa is its villages and towns. These are also the perfect venues for those who want to enjoy traditional cuisines, served for locals rather than tourists. Margao is the bustling commercial heart of Goa.

Holy Spirit Church (Goa)

Many come here because it is a base for other explorations. Others come here to see its landmarks like the Holy Spirit Church and the Damodar Temple. Margao is also a hub for foodies because of its wide choices of restaurants and street-side eateries.

Spicy is one of the town’s most famous restaurants. It is in the main part of Margao and people flock here for the fish thali. A bit of people watching and a lot of tasty surprises await those who head to Tato’s, a bustling restaurant located near the town’s office areas. Vegetarians can go to Krishna restaurant, famous for its Goan veggie dishes.

Panjim – State Capital, Food Capital

Pork vindaloo, sorpotel, the famous beef assad and many other meaty delights make up the pantheon of Goa’s Euro-inspired cuisine. Panjim with its laid-back vibes is an ideal town to dig into some of the most unique Goan dishes.

Café Bhonsle is a local institution where one can not only enjoy delicious food but also soak in a bit of local atmosphere. The patal bhaji with a hot cup of tea is recommended to this close-to-a-century old restaurant.

Those who want the Hindu and the Portuguese cuisines under one roof will love Mum’s Kitchen, another Panjim favourite. Specialties here include the lobster reichado and sannas (rice cakes).

Drinks of Goa

One cannot mention Goa’s epicurean offerings without a nod at the famous drinks of the region. King’s Beer has a ubiquitous presence across the state and for good reason – it is cheap and it tastes decent. Those who want their kick a little quicker can opt for feni, a sweet alcohol brewed from cashews. Goan Treasure and Lembranca are some recommended brands.

Informed travellers to India’s favourite holiday state are choosing rentals over regular cabs and public transport for a better experience. One can get a car for rent in Goa in minutes by booking on an app.

Modern rentals like Zoomcar offer hatchbacks, sedans and sturdy SUVs, perfect for group trips. 24/7 on-road support adds a security layer and travellers enjoy complete freedom and privacy.

From shack eateries on the beach to fancy riverfront restaurants, Goa has culinary experiences that cover a full spectrum. As one explores the shorelines and backwaters, the food of Goa is another special aspect that should not be missed.

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