3 Best Diet and Nutrition Apps

3 Best Diet and Nutrition Apps

Almost everyone in the world is either working hard to lose some weight or even to maintain the current weight. Food is one factor that accelerates weight gain in the body. Therefore, the only option to ensure that your weight is correct is through consumption of the required calories based on your body’s BMI.

As we all know, it is a bit hard to calculate the number of calories or nutrients are in the food that you eat and this has led to the invention of various apps that help to estimate the nutrition value and the calories that are present in the food that you eat.

These apps are compatible with the smartphones which makes it easy for one to carry out their diet and nutrition calculations from anywhere and at any time too.

The following are some of the top best diet and nutrition apps available for you to choose from.

  • Keto Diet

This is one of the most reliable diet apps since it is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The ketodiet app is suitable for people who want to adopt ketogenic diets. The ketogenic diet is the type of food which consists of fats and proteins with very few carbs or even none.

As we all know, once the carbohydrates are consumed, they are broken down in the body for energy provision, and the excess carbohydrates are stored in the form of fats. So, the more carbs you consume in a day, the more fats you can store in the body which facilitates the weight gain.

So, Keto-diet app helps you minimize the intake of carbs by providing you with the appropriate ketogenic recipes and also advise you on the best ketogenic plans to follow. So, download the app on your device and get to enjoy a good keto diet hustle free.

  • Fooducate

Most food processing companies indicate the nutrition details of the prepared foods on the packaging papers or boxes so the consumers can be able to know what to buy and the amount of that type of food to buy especially for those who are watching on their weight.

Some packaging can be a bit hard to read, and this is where fooducate comes in. This app makes your work easy by providing you with the nutritional information of the food from the indicated barcode.

The app is equipped with nutritional value labels which range from A to D and therefore, once you enter the numbers or letters on the barcode, the app will help you know the number of calories and the ingredients present on that particular food.

Note that this app does not limit you to finding out about the packaged foods alone since you can still use it for figuring out the nutrients available on the freshly prepared meals. How? Just key in the quantities of foods you are preparing manually, and the app will give you the sum of nutrients available.

The best part is that this nutrition app is free and can be downloaded on iOS, and Android smart devices too.

  • Shopwell

Just as the name suggests, this is a diet/nutritional app that will help you shop well and for healthy foods too. It is used to rate the dietary ingredients and value available on the menus and other groceries that you want to buy.

If you want to purchase foods with particular nutritional benefits, this is the perfect app to help you do your math regarding the calories and other nutrients available in that food. How does it work?

The app is designed with different nutritional goals that the user is expected to choose from. The goals are based on different peoples requirements and needs such as the athletes, trainers, weight loss options and many others.

Hence if you want to follow the nutritional requirements of a trainer create a profile on the app and support it when shopping for your foods.

You can also personalize the profile according to your needs such as the best groceries to buy, on how to prepare the foods and so on.

The app is offered for free and can be downloaded on different devices like the Android and the iOS smartphones.


Maintaining a healthy life through eating the appropriate diet is not easy, but with the above nutritional apps, it would be much easier since the apps make your dietary calculations to be straightforward and reliable too.

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