Alpine Trails Mountain Electric Bike {Review}

Alpine Trails Mountain Electric Bike {Review}

The 300W Alpine Trails Mountain by X-treme e-Bike is one of best value electric bikes. It does everything one needs an e-bike to do and at a good price.

Made for on or outdoor use, The Xtreme trace Maker is built to be simple, rugged and dependable.

Salient Features.

Frame and suspension:

Xtreme Trail Maker Elite uses an aluminum alloy mountain bike frame making it a relatively lightweight electric bicycle at 65lbs (with the battery pack installed). in addition, its front hydraulic suspension fork and shock absorbing seatpost make for a smooth, easy and on the body ride. It’s pretty good off the road too.

Forward-facing and back disc brakes:

It comes with standard front and back mechanical disc brakes. This makes the trace maker have more than enough braking power thanks to its dual-sided mechanical calipers on a 160mm rotor.

Back Hub Motor:

It has a 300-watt brushless motor-powered which is erected right into the center of the hindmost wheel, almost obscure and entirely closed to avert water or fragments inside. It’s effective and makes sure one can take on sharp hills and coarse terrain without slowing down.

This machine will let you go 20 MPH using only the control and with a range of is 20 miles per charge. This motor has been designed to be efficient and reliable, as it ensures zero rolling resistance. This means without power, it glides along just like a normal bicycle.

Pedal assist and twist control mode:

While a lot of e-bikes only offer one kind of electronic assistance, this Alpine track comes with both pedal assist and twist throttle mode which is a great feature that makes the Alpine Trail better than other models. These two features allow for efficient control of power application.

At pedal assist mode, pedaling is done and the motor powers its back wheel. While on the pedal assist system, (PAS) you don’t have to always hold twist control down, which in most cases triggers and alleviates wrist pain. Simply press the red button and the PAS (Pedal Assist System) turns on. It allows for a smooth and natural ride with the machine making your pedaling easier. No need to turn a throttle, just relax and enjoy your ride.

With twist control mode, it is easier to ride on and get back to that speed from a stopped position. Simply turn the control and use the electronic power just like a motorcycle. Coming to a big hill? Just use power as it’s needed by turning the control.

In addition, one can simply pedal this bicycle like any other bicycle and ride with power being off. When ready for assistance, simply turn on right control grip and power is there for you immediately.

Shimano gear System:

Possession of a 7-speed Shimano gear System and shifter ensures additional pedal power which enables one to ride around with an e-bike easily, even climbing uphill. Moreover, it also allows for adjustment of torque to maximize each battery-operated charge. With gear shifter, one can easily switch gears to help navigate places and off-road. It is dependable and proven to last for years to come.

Impenetrable Lead Acid Battery:

Inclusion of a sealed lead acid battery, (SLA) is part of what makes X-Treme Alpine Trails so cost-effective. Despite it being less agile as a standard lithium-ion battery, it’s definitely more affordable.

It’s battery is removable which makes it easier for the user to charge it indoors and still offers a range of 15-20 miles (extended use of pedal power) and comes with a US standard Smart Charger included. SLA battery is connected to the 300-watt brushless hub motor which is located in the epicenter of the terminal wheel and is capable of achieving a top speed of 20 mph.

Other Features.

  • It also comes with 2 sets of keys so no need to worry about losing a key as we all know how frustrating it can be. Use keys to lock and unlock your battery when eliminating and replacing it after charging.


  • It also comes with an LED screen displayed showing the batteries and speed. This helps you monitor the activity of bike easily. Furthermore, it also shows someone how much of the battery is left.


  • With LED headlight, anterior and hindmost reflectors included, you can be seen at night if one chooses to ride after dark or in low light situations.


  • This bleak electric bike comes with tires to allow riders to cruise on roads or take it cross-country at your preferred trail spot. Its anterior shocks will help grip bumps and rutted paths during your rides.

The only con associated with this product is that the hindmost hub powered does make the back end of Alpine Trails ebike a little heavier than what riders may be used to on a non-powered mountain bike, which marginally affects handling of this bike, but it’s a minor adjustment that is tranquil to adapt to with only a little practice.

With an easy 15-minute assembly, this bike requires the front wheel, seat, pedals, fenders, and handlebar stem be secured. All tools are included and it is a very simple and easy job with the included instruction manual.

You can’t really go wrong with an X-treme Trail Maker Elite. This electric bicycle has brought thousands of people into the e-bike revolution. We couldn’t recommend it more

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