5 Trending Dresses for your Baby Girl

5 Trending Dresses for your Baby Girl

You might have noticed that adults and teens are always changing their outfits in order to match the latest trend. This has a created a huge market and the fashion industry is booming. Most of the time, people forget that it’s not only the adults and teens who need to dress as per the occasions but babies as well.

A baby girl can be dressed in a variety of ways to make the adorable cherub look even cuter and follow the latest trends. If she needs a cute dress for any occasion then try firstcry coupons to get her the perfect outfit.

So, here are a 5 trending dresses that your daughter should definitely try.

1. Embellished Shoes

You might want to protect those tiny feet of your lovely daughter. A perfect outfit looks even better with trendy shoes. Her shoes might not actually be magical like Cinderella’s but they will surely add an enchantment to her looks. The trend in children’s footwear shows that it leads to something more with each tiny step they take.

Sparkles and shine make the babies happy and they rejoice with each step that they take. What could be a better solution than pearl embellished boots, a slipper embellished with rosettes and a ribbon or a bow buckle shoe?  

One of the hottest trends in the clothing industry, the embellished shoes will make your baby girl look no less than a princess. So, go ahead and order her a pair of embellished shoes online and don’t forget to avail firstcry coupons while ordering product.

2. Ruffles

Ruffles are primarily considered to be a festive wear but the best part of being a baby is you don’t need any special occasion to look adorable. The ruffles really enhance the young lady’s attire by adding volume and dimension along with a flair. So, while getting a new dress for her look for the ones that come with a ruffled skirt or hemline.

Alternatively, you could also choose tops that come with ruffled sleeves or collars. A ruffled dress will surely add to the charm of your little princess and make her even more adorable.

There are a lot of options to choose from but some of the best choices would be a 3 Piece 1st Birthday Romper Dress, Designer Baby Floral Party Dress for Summer or a Pretty Baby Girl Ruffle Romper for Summer

3. Add Layers

If it’s winter season or you live in a place with a cold climate then nothing looks better than a baby who is totally layered up. They don’t only look fashionable and adorable but also serve a purpose. Babies are prone to catching a cold quickly and putting on layers is one of the best solutions against this.

While shopping for your baby girl try to a cardigan which has a beautiful floral print or has a woven pattern. This will definitely add to their looks while protecting them from the cold. You can add a sweet scarf and a cap to make her look even more adorable.

The bright colors and catchy patterns will definitely help her stand out from the crowd and you might even run out of storage on your phones as you won’t stop yourselves from clicking pictures of every new combination that you make.

4. Blue and White Military Style Stripe Dress

This style is one of the most popular design nowadays. The parents should definitely buy one of these dresses for their little princess. The combination of Blue and White stripes looks amazing and adds to the cuteness of the baby. The dress is quite classy and for the parents who want their baby to look trendy and classy can definitely trust this dress to meet their expectations.

Being one of the most popular as well as attractive design you might want to get your hands on one before they go out of stock. You and your kid will definitely fall in love with this design.

5. Floral Long Sleeve Hoodies & Pant

A baby in floral long sleeve hoodies with matching pants looks extremely adorable. The best thing about this combination is that it looks absolutely gorgeous on every baby girl. This makes them one of the must buy items on every parent’s bucket list.

They are available in many different styles which means you can dress her up in a new way every now and then. Hoodies are one of the most popular clothing items of the 21st century. Everyone wears one more often than not.

This will not only keep her looking trendy but also comes in handy. Your baby girl will definitely like this and look smart as well as adorable. They are so popular that you can find them in almost any store.


Dressing up their kid is definitely something that every parent looks forward to doing perfectly. The perfect outfit makes them look even more adorable than they already are.

One must always try the latest trend in order to add a charm to their kid and trying on one of the given options on your baby girl will definitely make you look at her in awe and be careful you might run out of space while taking pictures of her.

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