4 Best High-Speed Cameras

4 Best High-Speed Cameras

1. Blackmagic Pro 4.6K Camera

Just like the name suggests, the black magic pro 4.6k shoots as fast as 60 frames per second. It is also very good at slow motion hence good for slow motion cinemas. You can capture as much as 444QT or24-bits cinema with this amazing camera. It has a touch screen that makes navigation very easy.

For those who prefer a small sized camera that is light weighted, the Blackmagic pro 4.6k is the best deal for you. Its size is 8.2 x 8 x 5.8 and weight is 5 pounds. It is very famous among low and mid-level projects such as event videographers because of its versatility and general outstanding performance.

The best part about the Blackmagic pro 4.6k camera is that you get to have all these amazing features at a very affordable price. I would highly recommend this camera to anyone who is looking to get the perfect video and photos without hustling to carry a huge and heavy camera.


  • It has built in ND filters.
  • It has interchangeable lens mounts.
  • It has a complete set of external controls
  • It has a 2 XLR Audio Inputs which uses Phantom Power
  • It has a mini 4.6k camcorder


  • Easy navigation due to its touch screen feature.
  • It has a quality sound in recording.
  • Availability of multiple power and menu operation.
  • It has an impressive color production.


  • Absence of camera leveler.

2. Canon EOS C100

The EOS C100 Camera is an update of the compact EOS. It comes with a 35mm super sensor. It is very cost effective in terms of power consumption and the heat output. It is of impeccably high speed. The EOS C100 has a top mount that offers mounting of a microphone and a two XLR connectors.

It uses dual pixel tech hence provides autofocused features for all of Canons auto focused lenses. Most users love it because it is very fast and accurate. The EOS C100 camera also offers relay recording hence In case of an SD card failure, the videos will be saved since it writes videos two both cards.

It has a pre record mode that buffers for 3 seconds before the light is automatically activated. This camera is very flexible in design and modular which enables it to support very many different shooting styles in different angles. It has a one shot. It makes the work very easy for the operators. This is because very little time is taken in checking the settings hence enables more project work to be performed.


  • It has and upgraded dual pixel CMOS AF hardware.
  • It has a 35mm super 8.3mp processor
  • It has 2 audio connectors.
  • It has 15 buttons that are assignable.


  • It is very easy to use.
  • It produces very good image quality.
  • It is compatible with the EF lenses.


  • It is costly
  • It lacks slow motion.

3. Sony HXR-NX100 Camcorder

The Sony HXR-NX100 camcorder has proven to be among the best in the market. It is very compact and of light weight due to its 4-pound weight. This makes it to be very mobile shooting. It has a standard DV recording. It comes with the ND filters that are built in.

This camera also has one of the best camcorders at the moment which supports both the quick and slow motion. This Sony has lens with 3 manual rings which produces smooth focusing. It also has an effective iris control and zooming.

This camera has also gained popularity due to its ability to work very well even under low or poor lighting conditions. Another ability it has is taking photos at a very high speed hence it can capture every moment. It has a small sensor with low light sensitivity since it is able to allow more light to get in.

The Sony HRX has 3 dependent control rings. These control rings are manual. It has a dual XLR audio and a built-in microphone.

Features and specifications

  • Availability of dual media slots
  • It has a Sony G lens.
  • Availability of the ND filter mechanism
  • 1.0″-type R CMOS sensor


  • It is an entry level professional camera.
  • It is very easy to use and function.
  • It is pocket friendly
  • It is compact.


  • It lacks the 4k recording abilities

4. JVC GY-HM170U

The JVC GY-HM170U is a very popular camcorder that has gained many praises among the professionals and even beginners. It has a dynamic HD zoom that can be greatly increased to reach 24x. It has very powerful sensors that allows one to record very sharp and clear videos of the detailed subject.

It has a removable shotgun microphone and handle with the audio control. It makes undeniably impressive all type videos. The advantage with this camera is that it is very compatible with many editing system and it uses the quick time filling format. It is very convenient as its camcorder is very easy to learn and just about anyone can figure out how to control it.

It ha 3 pins and a top handle that allows attachment of a wireless audio input. This camera allows one to take 4k videos and is also one of the best fast cameras at the moment. It also has a dual card slot.

Features and specifications

  • It has a 0.24-inch color new finder.
  • It has a ½.3-inch sensor.
  • It has a 12x ultra HD sensor
  • It has a full recording at a 50mbps.


  • The audio handles are removable.
  • It is a useful viewfinder
  • It relays the recordings.


  • It has a plastic case.

I would highly recommend anyone looking to buy a good camera to consider looking at these four cameras. This is because they have all the qualities that people are looking for. They are all high speed, they have impeccable shutter speed and they are very clear.

Most people have sworn by these four cameras and it would be such an investment to have either of them as your camera. Check price On Aei.com. There are many good cameras. But without the right research you may not get the biggest bang for your buck.

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