What to Know When Buying Baby Cots – 7 Things to Consider

What to Know When Buying Baby Cots - 7 Things to Consider

When it comes to purchasing the best baby cots, you may be confused from the many types and styles available! Plus, there are the many ways you are able to purchase your baby’s crib. You can invest in cots online, from the local baby store, or even get a used crib. With that being said, how will you be able to know what’s best for your nursery and little one?

I know how confusing it can be to select the best crib for your baby to sleep safely. So read on as I show you what to know when buying baby cots!

There’s no one-size-fits-all kind of crib, because there are many factors to consider for both parent and baby. With that being said, here are the different things to learn about so you can make your decision efficiently:

  • Try a Bassinet First

If you don’t have the time to select the best crib for your little one, you can delay the investment and purchase a bassinet. Your newborn can sleep here for the first six months, which is a great purchase to allow your baby to feel cocooned and relaxed. It can stay in the parents’ room, by your bed to stay close and access the bassinet easily.

Plus, bassinets are handy, as you can travel with it from different rooms or rock it to soothe your little one.

  • How Big Is Your Room?

Consider the size of the room to see if the cot will fit and not “overcrowd” the design. If you have a small nursery, then find a cot small enough to leave space for furniture while fitting your baby securely. You might also want to consider getting a wall-mounted change table or that can sit on the cot to save up on space.

Before purchasing your cot, take measurements and sketch a room plan to make do with the space you have.

  • Fixed Side or Drop Rail?

Some people prefer drop rails on cuts for easier access to their little ones without breaking their backs. However, there are also some people that prefer fixed sides for safety and security for their curious little one.

If you do want drop rail crib, select a design which allows one-handed operation for ease of opening while you carry your baby. And of course, consider the security on the crib as well.

  • Do You Want a Convertible Crib?

Convertible cribs are becoming more popular because of how versatile they can be for babies and toddlers as they grow. You can transition convertible cribs to toddler beds while giving security to your children.

While these cribs are a bit pricier than the standard cot, they make a great investment to last and use for years, even after your baby grows to be a toddler and small child!

  • Coordinate With the Furniture

Of course, you will want to make sure that your cot is safe for your baby while matching the furniture and color scheme of the nursery. Fortunately, manufacturers make more than just one crib design for every model they release.

If you want the seamless look to your nursery, whether contemporary or traditional, then check out brands that will coordinate with your paint job and bigger pieces of furniture, such as the change tables and dressers.

  • Doing Your Research and Planning Budget

Before you start heading to the nearest baby store to choose the crib, it’s best to do research (like this) beforehand. That way, you won’t waste time in the baby store only to not find the ideal one you want. It’s best to research on bed options as early as possible (even before your baby is born!) so you have an idea on delivery times, different designs, and the cost.

  • Extra Features

Last but not the least, you may want to consider owning a crib with extra features for security, such as teething rails to protect the crib, an adjustable mattress height to avoid leaning too much when getting your baby, or even cots on wheels to easily move them from room to room.

Wrapping It Up

You don’t need to spend a ton of money trying to find the best baby cots. All it takes is efficient research to learn what brands to trust and how to select a crib ideal for your style and baby’s sleeping patterns.

Hopefully, this article on what to know when buying baby cribs gave you an idea on what you should begin investing in for your little one. So don’t wait any longer! Start checking up on websites and baby stores that sell strong and stylish cots today.

Do you have any questions or want to share your tips and reviews when choosing baby cots? Comment below, we would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

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