Welcoming Waves – Preparing For Your First Sailing Getaway

Welcoming Waves - Preparing For Your First Sailing Getaway

Few things are as exciting as that feeling of the wind in your hair. Those blue waves crashing against the boat as you get further and further from the shore. But there are a few stages that come before popping champagne on board and lounging out in the sun on deck.

Plan your first sailing getaway right and your will have the time of your life, and realise just how easy it is to set off for an afternoon or weekend of sun, surf and sand.

Storage is everything

Before any boat trip, you need to look at the ‘where’ and the ‘how’. Owning a boat is not as easy as parking it at the front of your home and setting sail after your walk across your front lawn. Any boat enthusiast will tell you that where you store your boat is everything, as it ensures the safety of your asset as well as the ease of taking it out as often as your like.

If you can’t set sail with only a days notice, then you are in the wrong marina and you need to buy a boat berth that is going to give you the ultimate freedom and peace of mind.

All the gear and no idea?

Like any hobby and passion, you want the right tools and resources to make it the most enjoyable. But this doesn’t mean blindly buying anything with the word ‘boat’ in its name storing it below deck in case you might need it.

Acquire the right boat tools by doing your research, asking seasoned sailors, and above all else – taking your boat out for short trips and finding out for yourself. Like anything, practise makes purpose and these tools will become second nature after a few uses.

If you are a cautious person, then invite some boat-buffs on your first sailing getaway so they can show you the ropes (literally) on your own boat.

Pack for all weather

Yes, we have all been caught off guard by the iPhone weather app. But when you are on deck, it can be all bets off the further you sail out. Packing for rain, sun, wind and mild weather will make the getaway so much more enjoyable.

If you plan to spend most of your time up top, invest in sails and umbrellas that will allow you to soak up all that ocean air without fearing the elements

Get the seal of approval

In all the drama of getting sorted for your getaway, the actual act of getting your boat checked and approved to set sail might be left last if done at all. Forget what you know about car maintenance, because boat maintenance is different and it’s never a bad thing to see too much of the boat doctor.

Any good boat berth and marina will have easy access for your boat to be checked out by the experts, and if this is your first getaway then you should definitely be making the appointment. Let them know how long you will be out, where you are headed and any history of the boat that they may need to know to give you the nod to set sail.

Keep your loved ones informed

Yes, there is a chance that the more people you tell about your sailing trip the more likely they are to invite themselves. But informing your friends and family about where you are going, for how long, and when they can expect you back is very important.

There are also tracking apps like Find My Friends that will show your loved ones where you are at all times. This will give them and you peace of mind while you are out on the water with presumably little-to-know contact.

The fun that can be had on board is truly exhilarating. Controlling a large vessel that will take you to beautiful islands, hidden beaches and to nowhere at all, is why there are so many boat buffs in Australia.

But like anything, preparation is key and to make your first sailing getaway a positive one – take all the right planning steps to make it unforgettable.

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