Five Reasons Your Choice Of Footwear & Financial Wellbeing Are Correlated

Five Reasons Your Choice Of Footwear & Financial Wellbeing Are Correlated

Did you know the look of your shoes can tell a lot about your own experiences, and personality, especially your financial wellbeing? Your choice of footwear for the occasion can even lead your wealth.

Here are five reasons, your footwear and financial decisions are correlated and need similar care:

  • Your Financial Well Being

The main reason why you choose to buy expensive shoes is because of it reflects financial wellbeing. Yes, shoes represent your financial status, but that does not mean, you should only buy the most expensive pair of shoes. Essentially, whatever the price of the shoes they should look good on you.

Also, your choice of shoes shows how careful and methodical you are with money. Tight strings, sharp edges and impeccable finish show that you like to spend very carefully and know why you are putting money wherever you are putting it.

So, if you like to wear something which you leave mostly untied, better start tightening the strings of your purse.

“Show-off but within your Budget.”

  • Shoes have Effect on Your Health

Your footwear must fulfil three main functions- protect, sustain, and comfort. Ill-fitted shoes can cause a number of health problems, and they are not just limited to your feet.

Most of the time during the day you are frequently running around on your feet, and ill-fitted footwear can have a negative impact on your health. The wrong fitted shoes can and will give you long-term pain in the joints and back which can affect your mobility and result in other health issues. Health issues only mean more money spent.

Having a good pair of shoes will only do good for your health. But when your wellbeing is concerned, it is better to be always prepared for the worst.

“Comfy shoes mean lower health bills.”

  • Can Affect Your Shopping Budget

Bad footwear may cause you to buy more quickly, experiment, or even altogether lose your cool while shopping. And if you are shopping the things you will probably not need, chances are you are saving far less than you actually need.

Plan your shopping methodically, but more importantly choose your footwear carefully. Because, it’s the feet which are going to carry you around the shopping mall and the alleys.

Plus, buying in the traditional manner by visiting one store after the other wouldn’t be as much fun, if your shoes are troubling you all the way.

“Wear sneakers, loafers, runners, or similarly comfy shoes while shopping and be a wise shopper.”

  • Your Performance Depends on It

Shoes do represent not only your fashion sense but also affect your performance. Just imagine running for your most important presentation in front of the board, and by the time you arrive in the hall, your feet are completely doped.

A similar situation may be faced by those in specific roles like sales. With bad shoes, your meetings per day could be limited or less than as much you’d want to do. Also, your footwear can cause you to feel tired early.

Thus, don’t just buy shoes for show-off, make sure their utility adds value to your income.

“Shoes are an Investment, not Expense.”

  • Can Be Fatal in Emergencies

The material of your footwear can put you in a spot in typical situations. For example, if you are using a shoe, which does not have heat resistant sole while riding a bike, you may end up spoiling the look of the chrome silencer and shoes.

It is obvious that you would only climb corporate ladders with your formal shoes with heal (for men), or high-heels (for women). The advice of caution you already know, “do not try climbing mountains with those.”

“Know the situational risks of your destination/activity and choose your footwear.”

Improve Your Financial Wellbeing

Everything that you do or go through (literally) affects two things in your life – your shoes and your wealth.

While your shoes may tell your story and affect your income, the effects on your wealth affect your entire family. Your kids’ future, though not entirely but certainly, depends on your income. So, don’t let your experience and shoes affect your wealth.

While you can buy new shoes, and discard the worn-off shoes, buy a term insurance policy to safeguard your family’s financial interests and future.

Term insurance policies are cheap, and you can buy them sitting at home, directly from insurer’s online platform. In fact, if you are buying for the first time and you are below 35 years of age, chances are, your policy will be available within minutes.

Also, the premium paid for term insurance policy qualifies for deduction under section 80C. So, you end up reducing your tax liability too.

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