Benefits of AHS Home Warranty

Benefits of AHS Home Warranty

Maintaining a home is presumably the most expensive thing you will have to endure. Damage caused by natural disasters like fires, storms, and floods are covered by homeowners’ insurance cover. But for mere damage repairs of systems and appliances like old electrical wires, water heater, HVAC and more, the aforementioned cover does not cover this cost.  American home shield covers this financial gap to your benefit.

AHS Home warranty is intended to cover the repairs that the insurance does not, for instance, if there is a sudden leak in the kitchen this is where they come in and fix it ASAP. This warranty plan covers a wide range of properties including townhouses, rental properties, multi-family homes, vacation homes, and new development homes.

Amid the listing period, sellers will enjoy maximum protection free of charge up until the time they close the sale of the home. Buyers will have peace of mind knowing their appliances and systems are protected. All will benefit from the AHS Home Warranty plan from the homeowners, buyers and sellers alike.

*Kindly go through the contract carefully to learn about a specific plan coverage that is suitable for you. Extra charges may apply to a few replacements and repairs.

How Will the Seller Benefit from This Warranty?

Protection while your Property is on the Market

Should an unexpected breakdown occur while your property is still out in the market, we will assist in finding a reliable professional in the shortest time possible. Our hospitable staff will reach out to you and connect you with a qualified professional to sort you out so that you can concentrate fully on finding a buyer for your home. This simple act helps you save on time and unexpected costs.

Assist in Promoting and Marketing your Services

As a seller, you will stand out from the rest as buyers will have confidence that their property is protected due to having a home warranty. Buyers will know that their prospective homes are covered by unexpected costs that come with replacements and, repairs of old and worn out appliances and systems.

Help Avoid After Sale Disputes

If a covered appliance breakdown way after a buyer purchases the home, American home shield will be able to assist in repairs just like before. This saves on time and inconvenience brought about by such emergencies.

Benefits for Buyers:


The AHS Home Warranty offers a 12-month service contract that protects your replacement and repair costs from an unexpected breakdown of systems and appliances, which may tear down in the course of time.


At the point when unexpected breakdowns happen, we can help lessen the time and worry of finding a qualified professional. Should something flop, simply contact AHS. Our proficient, well-disposed staff will link you to a reliable repairman.

Adaptable Customized Plans

American home shield has plans to choose from. The customer favorite is the Build Your Own Option plan. Here, you select ten items (appliances or systems) that you would like to be covered. This is a great way to maximize the contract.

There is a flexibility cover as well which you can do away with for those appliances that you can fix yourself. The location of your home also affects the cost of your plan. These customized prices are highly competitive, making American home shield stand out as amongst the most practical covers for your home appliances that you care about the most.

The Home Warranty Provides:

Security and Protection

Moving takes a great deal of time and cost. When moving from one home to another, you are bound to find some appliances bent or broken. American home shield will give you the certainty that the damaged appliances will be repaired by a professional once you settle into your new home.

Value Added Service All day, Everyday, 7 Days a Week

You will by no means need to look for vendors to replace or repair your systems and appliances. We’re at your beck and call 24/7 ready to help. You will speak to one of our experts and schedule an onsite visitation to access what needs to be fixed by one of our professionals.  We trust in offering convenient, quality service.

Annual Renewal Coverage

Providing good service and protection of your appliances aren’t the only ways we help make your life easier. Your systems and appliances will receive continuous coverage all through as American home shield are renewable.

What Consumers Say about American Home Shield

American Home Shield has a Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating of “B” and a four- out of five-star rating on ConsumerAffairs with over 21,000 reviews posted. Most positive reviews speak highly of customer service. American Home Shield has been quick to respond to customer issues with contractors doing poor work or lengthy delays in service appointments on ConsumerAffairs and successfully closed complaints through the BBB.

What are Clients Saying about American home shield?

Clients all over are pleased as we scored a BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating of “B”.  With over 21,000 posted reviews on ConsumerAffairs, we boast of a four- out of five-star rating. You can check AHS reviews at many other review sites too where customers gave their unbiased reviews.

As AHS we have rushed and responded to client complaints with contractual workers doing poor work or extensive delays in booked appointments on ConsumerAffairs. In addition, we have managed to successfully mend reported grievances through the BBB.


Saving your monies aside for repairs and replacements causes financial strain compared to paying annually for a home warranty. American home shield is ideal for people who want to buy an old home, for senior citizens who live in their homes, however, don’t have the know-how or physical ability for do-it-themselves when it comes to home repairs and replacements.

In addition, if you are running low on time and cash to maintain your home, have old appliances that need to be replaced or if you are planning to sell your home, having AHS home warranty is essential as it assists you to save costs but leave your former home in the best shape possible.

We are available online and to reach us all you need is just a click of a button, You can submit, follow up on claims and pay bills online, stress-free.

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