Why Quality Matters in LED Lighting Fixtures

Why Quality Matters in LED Lighting Fixtures

Those in the market for lighting solutions that suit commercial, home or civic design purposes, are more and more opting to go with LED lighting fixtures. The frequency of this preference for LED lighting solutions can be traced back to a variety of factors unique to this type of illumination source.

Due to their unique technological advances, LED lighting solutions are able to offer up to tens of thousands of hours of low-maintenance operation while consuming vastly less electricity than comparable conventional lighting.

Not only can LED lighting help you be more ‘green’, it can also save you money by greatly reducing running and maintenance costs. Of course, that’s if you choose a high-quality product to begin with.

In a real-world example of the longevity (and associated time and cost savings) that these lights can deliver, UK LED lighting manufacturer Pulsar has been continuously running LED lighting, which it manufactured and installed, on the front of a building for 15 years and counting.

All of this time the original Chroma panels have been operating without a break, 24/7.

 The Critical Difference That High Quality Can Make to LED Lighting

Unfortunately, however, this degree of reliability is not a given. While all LED lighting fixtures certainly ought to be able to attain the equivalent energy efficiency, durability and functionality as the ones manufactured and installed by Pulsar, the reality is that quality can vary from company to company. And they can seriously adversely affect the performance of LED lighting.

When manufacturers of LED lighting fixtures take shortcuts in certain areas of production – be it in the durability of the materials, the standard of the electrics or the size or intricacy of crucial components (such as LED optics, a vital element in ensuring optimal colour effects and energy efficiency) – you could end up with a product that doesn’t deliver on its promises.

For example, cheap LED fixtures often flicker at a rate which is visible to the human eye. This can actually produce lighting which is dangerous to work in, and is also known to trigger headaches and migraines.

Yet, for those looking to take advantage of the considerable benefits that LED lighting solutions can bestow, the key to getting the best out of these systems is simple – make sure that you source your LED lighting fixtures from a company with a good track record.

When it comes to high-quality LED lighting solutions, there are several reputable companies that you can count on for all your illumination needs.

A brief look at their history and reputation will fill you in on what they have manufactured to date, how well their products have functioned and stood up to time and what their customers think of them.

Once you’re confident that you’ve located a reputable manufacturer and supplier, you can do no better for your illumination requirements than to select high-quality LED lighting solutions.

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