Sundry Spain – Amazing & Beautiful Cities to Explore

Sundry Spain - Amazing & Beautiful Cities to Explore

The word Spain can instantly transport someone mentally to the beautiful never ending beaches of Ibiza, Majorca, Great Canaria and delectable local dishes like Tapas, Empanada, Paella. Sapin has such an opulent culture, tradition and magnificent architecture, which you can not afford to miss listing this place in your must-visit checklist.

Let’s talk about the three most distinguished cities of Spain: 


Football is not a sport in Spain, its a culture, courtesy: FC Barcelona formed by John Gramper in 1899. Popularly called as Barca, the football association has a political, cultural as well as societal symbolism.

If there’s anything other than the infamous football club that Barcelona is famous for it would be the genius work of Antoni Gaudi. He was a renowned architect from Catalonia who builds several interesting structures around Barcelona.

Being an ardent religious man with passionate about nature, all his works had even the minute elements depicting the same. Although all buildings designed by Antoni Gaudi are equally enticing, some splendid pieces are the whole-sole reason of tourists coming to Barcelona.

Like: Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, Palau Guell, Casa Vicens, Casa Batllo and Casa Milo. All these buildings hold a historical magnitude. His designs ranged from Gothic to orientalist to Hispano-Arabic architectural styles.

There are a total of nine UNESCO recognized heritage sites in Barcelona of which are the works of Antoni Gaudi. These monuments are all at 30-45 taxi ride from the Barcelona -El Prat Airport.

You can either pre-book or hire at instant the airport transfer service available outside the airport.  


Madrid isn’t just a capital of Spain, with economic and political significance but is also the home to Spanish monarch. The city is the center from which originating roads to Spain are made, also called kilometer zero. The largest royal palace in western Europe, The Palacio royale is Madrid’s most beautiful and famous building.

The European Golden shoe trophy winner for being the best goalkeeper, Christiano Ronaldo plays for the Real Madrid. You can watch the team play at The Santiago Bernabeu, the stadium that hosts the famous football team.

Spain has a lot of world-famous museums like the artistic Thyssen museum, the golden triangle, the Prado and many more. The oldest restaurant in the world El Botin, made in 1725, is in Madrid. A city of church, convents, and palaces, visiting Madrid is nothing short of a surprise.


Granada is the capital of Granada province best known for their hospitality towards foreigners. The famous literary critic, historian, and journalist, Melchor Fernandez Almagro was from Grenada. The infamous Alhambra palace in Granada is built on Roman fortifications.

It is a UNESCO world heritage site. Since this palace served as the royal court for several kings, it has some halls and courts like the hall of justice, courts of lions, courts of myrtle, hall of the Abencerrages.

Described as the pearl set by a Moorish poet, this palace is also known for being the place where Christopher Columbus was upheld for his historical and adventurous traveling. Other important historical figures from Granada are Mariana Pineda, El Gran Capitan.

Preferred to as the most beautiful and haunting cities, Granada is a city of exhalation. You can also visit the neighbouring cities Cadiz, Jerez and Seville if you are planning a week long trip to Granada.

There are many more Spanish cities to explore like Valencia, Malaga etc to soak oneself up in the beauty and diversity of Spain. Maybe plan your next trip to this resplendant city.

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  1. I have loved every one of my visits to Spain. I need to do it more often.

  2. Barca and Gaudi do come to mind for Barcelona guys. I am not a big football fan but when I travel to SE Asia goodness do I see the Barca influence. Even if Premier League teams rule there LOL.


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