Summer Holiday – Best Offers On Your Travel Bookings

Summer Holiday - Best Offers On Your Travel Bookings

Don’t you want to vacation in the hottest locations across the globe when sun is literally shining on your head and summers are right here? Who wouldn’t want to? Travel stores know this very well which is why, they all together are giving up-to 50% off on most of the flight bookings, hotel bookings and every travel need you might have.

It’s your chance to show that sun can’t outshine you and your vacation time. Major online websites to book your travel tickets :


Makemytrip is the most convenient online store when it comes to travel bookings. The store is equipped to fulfil any kind of travel need you have. From hotels, to flight bookings to rental cars etc., everything is there on 50% off at the store. The maximum discounts are available on flight bookings especially.

The summers are coming up, I bet you would definitely want to spend some time by the coast or up the hills. Choose your destination and make my trip will make your vacation happen. You would definitely want to try some of the packages that the store has.

  • Exclusive travel offers

Make use of the amazing offers available at make my trip for all the domestic flights for the next few months. ICICI bank literally offers up-to 1500/- cash back when booking is done with make my trip and axis bank gives 1299/- cash backs on flights booked on Wednesday. There is literally an offer available for every day of the week, all you have to do is pick yours.

International flights have even better offers at make my trip. You can use your citi bank card and use a simple coupon code at make my trip and easily earn 10% cash back on your flights. International flights are anyways very costly so why not save all you can on them. There is another offer from HDFC bank which gives up-to 10000/- off on the flight bookings.

The best offer on hotel bookings is available at make my trip, flat 33% off is there on any hotel you book across the country without any terms and conditions laid on it. Above that, domestic hotels have extra 30% off and international hotels have extra 20% off. So, anywhere you go, you can book a hotel through make my trip and avail these offers.


Who wouldn’t like to travel the world if travel was free? Well, that is quite a dream to achieve but has at least made sure that it becomes cheaper for their consumers. You won’t be able to believe the amount of discount available on flight, hotel and homestay etc. bookings, that you can achieve using these offers.

Some offers have literally 60% off on domestic hotel bookings, so you can imagine the rest.

  • Exclusive travel offers

Yatra has tons of travel offers across all categories it caters to that is flight booking, hotel booking, homestays etc. Book any activity on Yatra today and you can get a chance to win up-to 1000/- discount on your booking amount under the yatra travel offers. All you need to do is use your ICICI debit or credit card to make the purchase on the yatra website.

There are special offers available from Yatra on all domestic flights from any airline you wish to travel through. Book tickets to your favourite destinations across the country today to avail the flat 600/- discount on online banking.

Moreover, all the international travellers with an ICICI card are lucky as yatra is offering 2500/- discount under the yatra travel offers, on any international flight booked through the app of the store. All you are required to do is use your credit or debit card to avail the offer. There are many other offers available like this on both international and domestic affairs, all you need to do is find what suits you.


ClearTrip is one of the most popular travel stores and has the best offers on flight bookings, any time of the year. They have amazing travel offers for this summer too. A super summer sale is going on at the website which can earn you the lowest fares of all time.

If you are planning a vacation anytime soon then this is definitely the time to book your flights as you might not get the same price again.

  • Exclusive travel offers

When its summer time, you definitely know where to go to book your travel needs. The store has best offers when it comes to domestic flight bookings. Customers can earn up-to 3000/- cash back on their bookings if the travel period is as per the terms and conditions. Some banks increase these offers even more as their cards can get you 10% extra through the store.

Above that, some airlines give away extra discounts if the booking is done through the store. Some fares start at just 1630/-. Air asia has even cheaper rates with flight fares available for just 999/-. Moreover, you could get up-to 1500/- instant cash back using HDFC cards and 10000/- cash back if paid with credit cards. There are many other offers that wait for you to avail at the store.


This store has everything you will need for your travel. You can book early as well if you know that you are going somewhere on particular date for sure. The store even offers services like pre booking where you can book your preferred seats in advance by paying just a meagre amount.

Go Air isn’t just your regular flight booking store. It even gives you the option of booking holidays through its website or the app. There are a lot of packages available for the most popular domestic destinations like Goa, Kashmir and Kerala etc.

  • Exclusive travel offers

There are some specific services available on the Go Air store which you won’t find anywhere else. Go Air allows you to book your seats in advance if you have a preference for some particular seats. Sometimes we are not sure about our trips so we can just book them in advance and we won’t lose much money even if they are cancelled. The price varies depending on the type of seat you select but some are priced as low as 99/-.

There is a wide variety of hotels and packages to choose from along with the sea of flights that the store already has. You can forget about everything and just put it all on Go Air next time you go on vacation.  

Goa air offers the best flight booking options across the web. Some of the flight fares start at just 1055/- only. This includes major destinations across the country. There is even a special discount on Wednesday which is why it is known as low fare Wednesday on the website. The store has recently launched its app and as a promotional offer it is giving 10% off on the bookings.


Red bus is very famous for the bus booking because it’s very convenient but the store caters to many other categories like hotel bookings as well. Along with that, there are a lot of travel offers available for users at red bus. If you are one of those regular travellers of bus then join red bus now if you want to be able to earn 200/- cash back straight away on your bus bookings.

There are other offers available which can earn you up-to 375/- as well. Use the coupon code that suits you the most and earn the cash backs right away. It is the best option to make your bus bookings and many more things.

  • Exclusive travel offers

Red bus has many collaborations with all the available wallets like amazon pay where you can get 100/- off on bus bookings. There are more travel offers as well like freecharge gives 50/- off with every ride for which you pay through the app. There are some exclusive offers also available such as with paytm an exclusive coupon code is also available.

For all the first-time users out there of red bus you are getting lucky as red bus is giving flat 30% off along with up-to 20% extra discount on hotel bookings across the country. You can get up-to 2500/- off with this offer.

The payment can be made any way you want but the booking has to be done through the app to be able to avail this offer. There are other offers available as well on selective cities which have extra discount.

There are a lot of banks who support red bus’s amazing service and offer great discounts on bus bookings. SBI bank gives 5% off on the bookings to all its customers who use the cards to pay at the app or website.

Moreover, all the rupay cards have 100/- off directly on the tickets. ICICI bank has the maximum discount out of all at 15% on any booking done on red bus.


Follow these simple steps when you visit any travel store website or app to book flight or holiday packages:

  • Open the app or the website of the store.
  • Add in your city and your destination.
  • Add on the dates you want to travel on.
  • Select the number of adults and children travelling.
  • After adding all details, add on promo codes if you have one.
  • Search for flights now.
  • Look for holiday packages if possible.
  • Choose the one that suits you the most.
  • Select payment method.
  • Complete payment.
  • You will receive a confirmation message soon.


When summers are just around the corner, who doesn’t want to relax and go for a vacation? Above that when you get great offers, on the hottest vacation locations then you just can’t resist it. Most of these stores are offering amazing offers on the best locations and hotels with the best commuting options, you have to take it.

So plan your vacation with the help of these stores and avail these offers to save up and enjoy the coming summer.

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