Places that Look More Stunning During Winter

Places that Look More Stunning During Winter

During winters, there is always a strong desire by the majority to retreat to the comfort of their homes and enjoy the warmth inside. But in certain places around the globe, winter is a time for them to display their beauty at best.

If you are a traveler and you are currently considering expedited passport services so that you can head over to some winter destinations.

Here is a look at some of the places that become more beautiful when the snow falls :

Tallinn in Estonia

Tallinn is a medieval town and is known to enchant for most parts of the year. But when the winter in Estonia arrives, it brings around a new definition of beauty.

Everything becomes decorated with the white snow, and it becomes irresistible to just take a stroll around the city as you admire the beauty and take some captivating shots.

Remember, you can always pop into the plenty of restaurants for a hot cup of glogi or soup to keep the winter cold away.

Quebec City in Canada

A trip to Quebec during winter would be highly recommended if you what to admire true beauty under the snow. Take a winter walk down the cobblestone streets as you marvel at the magnificent views of the Citadel of Quebec as well as the Chateau Frontenac Hotel.

There is also the majestic Montmorency Falls for more splendor and beauty during winters. If you are an extreme winter devotee, then you can always enjoy a cocktail by the fireside or alternatively spend your nights at the Hotel de Glace which is a hotel made of nothing but snow and glass.

You must be well adapted to the cold or assured of proper dressing before you think about spending a night in this hotel.

Munich, Germany

If you a winter vacation means eating lots of exotic foods and shopping in some of the world’s shopping cities, then you should consider Munich for your ideal winter vacation.

It is a wonderful city to be in during Christmas time, and with lots of jaunts for classic beers, you can be assured that the cold will not be searing through your skin as you can always get into any of the beer halls for a warm drink.

Sugarbush in Vermont

If you are in the United States, then you need no expedited passport renewal to spend your winter in Sugarbush in Vermont.

This is a great place to make the winter days fly past quickly as there are lots of things you can see and do while in this expansive area, of over 450 acres of skiable mountains.

After a day full of skiing, you can wrap up the evening by dining at the Mad River Valley.

Alta Badia in the Italian Alps

Most people head over the Alps for winters and if you want to be in the most scenic areas during this time, then you have every reason to consider Alta Badia. The area has about six villages and is very popular with those who love skiing.

It is not just the beauty of the snowcapped mountains you will marvel at in this place, but also there is a great selection of wines from a variety of restaurants and mountain hats you will truly enjoy.

Duluth in Minnesota

Duluth in Minnesota is not just beautiful during the colds months of winter, but also it presents a lot of opportunities for those who don’t want to stay indoors during the cold months. Some of the things you can potentially fill your days with while in Duluth include dogsledding, snowshoeing, and ice climbing and skiing.

If you don’t feel like getting involved with any of these, however, you can just sit back and relax as you marvel at the high-quality distilleries and breweries.

Nagano in Japan

Nagano is known to experience very harsh but extremely beautiful winters. At Nagano, you find a blend of goods ranging from cobblestone lanes, traditional wooden inns, to renowned skiing spots as well as annual festivals which attracts thousands of visitors each year.

Prague in the Czech Republic

A winter in Prague will never be the same with any winter vacation you ever experienced anywhere. Prague in itself is a very beautiful city, with lots of ancient architecture and traditional structures.

When winter comes, the entire city turns into a beautiful blanket of white, and with the illumination of the street lights, it becomes a wonderful piece of art to look at.

Additionally, there are lots of things to see and do, and you will never realize just how time flies when you are in Prague for a winter vacation.

Salzburg in Austria

If you prefer more music than skiing during winter, then you can head over to Salzburg in Austria where you can visit the Salzburg Silent Night Museum to listen to the soothing tune of the Christmas classic and learn more about its history.

This is also the town where you find the famous Mozarts Geburtshaus.

Bavaria in Germany

If you are a winter sports enthusiast or a diehard fan of snow, then Bavaria in Germany would make a wonderful winter destination for you. What you find in this region is a plethora of snowy peaks with lots of perfect spots for ice climbing, sledding, snow tubing, and skiing.

If you feel that you have had enough of the cold, there are lots of spas in the region where you can go get some warmth as you relax and get pampered.

Chamonix in the French Alps

Chamonix in the French Alps is known to create very beautiful sites when the powdery fresh snow falls upon it. The town is charming in every aspect and it boasts of lots of unbeatable views with a myriad of snow covered mountains.

Whether you prefer to ski or you want to stays indoors for the warmth and get pampered, there will be lots of options for you in Chamonix.

Kiruna in Sweden

Traveling just a few miles of out Kiruna in Sweden will land you at the Ice Hotel. This is a magnificent art exhibition and a hotel which is crafted from fresh snow and ice from a river located north of the Arctic Circle.

The hotel has a total of 80 rooms and it opens only during winter. Since the ice melts during spring, it has to be rebuilt every year in preparation for the winter.

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