Here’s Why Textured Sarees Are Trending This Season

Here's Why Textured Sarees Are Trending This Season

From the gorgeous classic styles to the cool contemporary designs, the six yards is one drape that is never out of fashion. The saree is something that has been embraced by women of all generations and the reason behind it is pretty simple: it flatters them regardless of the age or body type.

Whether you are a saree-lover or a newbie in the world of sarees, this season has some really good news for you as far as the sarees are concerned. The humble Saree is all set to see a style reinvention of sorts with the major play centered on using the widest variety of textures.

Beautiful sarees in myriad textures are ruling the fashion charts for the season and here are some of the reasons behind this fab new trend.

Embracing the minimalism.

Minimalism is the new fashion mantra, and the textured sarees are the best embodiment of that philosophy. The popular textured sarees that you see now are mostly subdued on the color and embroidery, thereby letting the texture takes center stage.

The experimentation factor.

The textures give you a chance to experiment with new kind of drapes with new-age fabrics like satins, tissue, and paper silks coming into the forefront. It is high time you give the traditional fabrics a rest and look into the other amazing options.

New textures make the sarees lighter.

The textures that are trending in the current season mostly focus on making the saree lighter than ever for you. The designers aim at making the saree more appealing to the present generation along with raising the interest of the gen-x. These new-age textured sarees are light enough to be easy to wear and be comfortable for long durations.

Add more character to a drape.

There is sheer elegance in the varying grains that add character to the drape. It does let a saree look dab no matter what color or draping style you select. It is like half the work is already done when the texture itself is so beautiful and eye-catching.

The textures are versatile.

Textured Sarees are undeniably versatile, and you can rock one with ease at anywhere from the work to the parties. All you need to do is pick the right colors, and the transition from office to the after-office parties is going to be totally effortless. When a saree works in more ways than one, it is bound to turn up as everyone’s favorite drape of the season.

The number of options.

Earlier when looking for sarees with innovative textures, your options were highly limited. You mostly had to stick to chiffons and the likes. The designers are more open to experimentation now, and that has brought forward a number of options for you to take your pick from.

The trending textured sarees of the season

With textured sarees, you are spoilt for choice as the numbers of options available vary widely. To make the decision of selecting a few among the many options easy on you, here is a list of the top five textures sarees of the season.

  1. The Faux Georgette Sarees

The faux georgette sarees are ruling the fashion charts and our hearts as they are super lightweight and yet stunning to look at. The original georgette sarees are made of silk drawn from twisted yarns which naturally makes them heavy and costly. These modern variants are better alternatives as they are easier to wear.

  1. The Paper Silk Sarees

The heavy silk sarees are definitely eye-catching, but they are not really something you can be wearing on a daily basis. This is where the contemporary paper silk sarees come into the picture. The ease of carrying off these sarees makes them a huge hit among women of all ages. Besides, they are available in as many color options as you get in silk sarees.

  1. The Lycra Sarees

When the material Lycra is mentioned, a saree is definitely not the first thing that comes to your mind, and you rather think of leggings and pants. However, Lycra is quite the rage in sarees now thanks to their comfortable stretch element that flatters all body types. These sarees are made mostly of lightweight silk with some spandex added to it to bring the stretch effect.

  1. The Jute Sarees

Jute as the fabric has become quite a rage in the recent years due to its proven reputation for being environment-friendly, lightweight, and long-lasting. Jute sarees are basically the kind of drapes where the major percentage of the material is jute with some blend of the silk into it. Get this textured saree in diverse kinds of block prints like batik, dabu, and more.

  1. The Crepe Sarees

The crepe sarees are made of synthetic fiber or sheer wool and have a crimped up appearance to it. The best part about these drapes is that they have a bit of moisture wicking property to it which makes it a great choice for the Indian summers. These are easy to manage, and since they fit your body perfectly when draped right, the crepe sarees work wonders for women on the heavier side.

Armed with all the information about the textured sarees, it is now time for you add some of these to your collection. Step out in style this season by flaunting your prettiest textured six yards

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