Could Your Mattress Be the Cause of Your Poor Sleeping Patterns?

Could Your Mattress Be the Cause of Your Poor Sleeping Patterns

Has going to and staying asleep become a problem? Has it happened once, twice, or more than three times in a row? Irregular sleep can have a serious impact on your health. When you don’t get enough rest, your body isn’t able to fully recover from all the stress it was under the previous day.

This can result in a decline in energy, a lack of concentration, emotional imbalance, weight loss or gain, and a weakened immune system. To improve your sleep and health, you’ll need to find out what’s going on. Though there are a lot of things that could be keeping you up at night, the first place you should check is your mattress.

Just bought your mattress a few years back?

Your mattress being old is one of the first things you should consider but there are other reasons your bed could be keeping you awake:

Motion Disturbance

Does your partner tossing and turning cause you to wake up? Your mattress actually controls how much of that motion you feel. A mattress with small amounts of padding and wide-spread springs will allow movement to effect a large portion of the bed.

You can find a mattress store that sells beds with more foam and smaller springs. They will absorb the shock from the move and allow you to sleep peacefully through the night.

Allergic Reactions

Do you suffer from asthma, allergies, or some other upper respiratory illnesses? These can flare up quickly depending on the type of mattress you have. Dust mites are tiny insects which tend to take up residence in high areas like a bed.

As they shed dead skin cells, this can cause an allergic reaction or flare causing you to start coughing, sneezing, or wheezing. There are beds that are made from natural materials and are hypoallergenic. This means that they will keep dust mites off the bed and reduce flare-ups.


Do you wake up with cricks in your back? This may be a sign that you need to purchase another bed. The springs found in the bed are supposed to be able to provide ample support for the spine.

There are a lot of different options to choose from, however, if you’re tired of tossing and turning from the discomfort felt in your spine, you should look for the best mattress for back pain with springs that are spread around in a consistent manner to provide all-over support for your spine and body weight.

Improper Body Support

If your mattress is too firm or too soft, you can also have difficulties sleeping at night. The right bed for you should form comfortably around your body while providing enough support. You’ll need to find the proper balance between it being soft enough to support the body in a neutral position but firm enough to keep it from flopping all over the place and disrupting your skeletal structure.

If you have the budget for it, there are mattress options that allow you to adjust the bed to your desired level of firmness. For couples who may have a different preference in soft to firmness, this would be the perfect solution for everyone to get a good night sleep. You can adjust your side to your desired firmness without disturbing your partner.

Poor Temperature

If it is too hot or too cold while you’re sleeping it could cause you to wake up. Your bed can have something to do with the temperature. Depending on the materials used to make your mattress, it could cause you to feel hotter, preventing you from getting a good night sleep.

A good temperature is about 65 degrees. If you’re too hot, you can look for a bed made from materials like latex and lambswool as they can help to cool things down. Memory foam, on the other hand, has insulating properties that can help warm you up if you’re too cold at night.

If your mattress is more than 10 years old, has visible damage, or causes any of the above discomforts, it is time for a change. Shopping for a mattress is easier than ever now with the internet. You can look for a mattress that contains some of the features described above.

Hopefully, once you’ve found the right bed for you, you’ll be encouraged to hop in it and catch up on some much-needed rest.

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