Brand Building – The Basics When You Start

Brand Building – The Basics When You Start

Brand building design starts with the logo. The identity of your business needs to be associated with a unique design or icon. There are a lot of great brands and logos in the world that got their basics right and kept things simple.

Here are some ways you can incorporate some best practices into your logo search.

The Right Logo Shades

When choosing a logo, the right choice of color is very vital. When you are looking at samples, make sure that the logo still looks distinguishable in grayscale and black and white. Apart from the unique idea that you want to portray, you will also have to determine the ways in which the logo will be used.

Your logo will not just be a visual element on the website but also needs to transition well on paper and other printed material.

Stand out – Avoid the Clichés

If something has been trending for a while, the fad is probably on its way out. Do not choose the convenient route of choosing a logo design that follows popular current examples that you think are niche enough.

Ask any design experts and they will tell you that Helvetica has been overdone, so if you are using it – add striking visual context.

Similarly, there are other design tropes which are being used so often that your logo might not stand out anymore if you use them.

Custom-type is the Best

At times, the logo search can be reduced to just choosing a pre-existing font and adding a visual context around it. The advantage of choosing a top designer is that you can get unique fonts crafted from original ideas that you may have scribbled on paper.

There are no limits to the imagination when it comes to custom fonts, just remember that it also needs to be scalable and work on many mediums apart from your website.

Using the Space

Your logo is not just about what is visible, but also about the space it occupies. Using the negative space to add an effect is best illustrated by FedEx’s hidden arrow in the logo.

Your website is basically the soft representation of what your company is all about. Aesthetics need to be balanced with feasibility and of course, user experience. There are a few pointers you can keep in mind to achieve the perfect balance.

Avoid DIY Templates

A business that wants to be taken seriously needs to show serious effort in its creative website design. Find a design company that will spend time listening to your ideas and which will not just play the ‘yes-man’ but gives professional perspectives that you will not have identified.

Experienced designer teams like Rouge Media provide a full portfolio of services. From web applications and e-commerce elements to logos and site design, an end-to-end experience ensures smooth proceedings.

Simple Homepage

Getting a unique design does not mean extra embellishments or ornate additions to the website. A simple homepage is one of the positive triggers for any user – think Google. Keep the descriptions exact and minimal.

Add Quality Pictures

Images provide a better representation of your services than the most descriptive of content, so it is important that you fill your website with relevant visuals. Carousels are a very popular choice for display and a scroll-down layout for your images will also keep the visitor engaged.

Invest in picture quality. Getting a professional photographer on board is always the best option. If you have to resort to stock images, spend time on choosing the most natural, high-resolution pictures that are relevant to your brand.

More Website Best Practices

Some other tips for a good website include choosing the most readable fonts and sizes for the content and also backing it up with a contrasting background color. Structure your menu according to importance.

You do not want people missing out on your best products or services because they left the site checking other peripheral pages.

Many websites make use of vertical navigation and add an anchor menu. This ensures that visitors can quickly go to the navigation bar no matter how deep they have scrolled. Mobile phone internet-users are increasing in number so your website has to be compatible with the smaller screens.

Keep web speed in mind when designing. Skip elaborate animation if it adds to loading time.

Think of designing a website as keeping your customer in the room for as long as possible. Interactive content, aesthetically fresh and unique designs and speed are the main ingredients for this much sought-after formula.

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  1. Being genuine and emitting a clear brand message are starting points Amit. I figure being authentic cancels out the cliche deal instantly. Staying on point is key too; I always stay on message with Blogging From Paradise to program folks. They know what to see, and get a feel for my brand because it is consistent. Smart tips dude!


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