10 Things Men Should Keep In Mind When Buying Jewelry

10 Things Men Should Keep In Mind When Buying Jewelry

Jewelry is once again becoming popular with men all over the world. Men have started experimenting with things like rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Even those who work in big corporations have begun wearing some kind of jewelry in order to make themselves stand out from the rest.

And if you are considering buying some jewelry, then make sure to keep these ten things in mind.

  1. Understand What You Want

Have a clear idea of what you want when you visit a jewelry store. Are you looking for a necklace, bracelet, or a ring? If you are looking for a necklace, do you prefer a thick one or a thin one?  If you choose a thick necklace, what metal does it have to be?

You need to have the answers to all these questions when considering buying a piece of jewelry. This will allow you to pick the right one that you are most interested in. Otherwise, you might end up selecting a jewelry item on a hunch, only to later find out that you are not comfortable wearing it.  

  1. Size Of The Jewelry

Consider the size of the jewelry you like to wear. This will depend on the kind of occasions you will wear the jewelry. If you will be wearing the item mostly for parties, then an oversized ring or a long, thick necklace might give you the edgy vide you are looking for.

However, such items should not be worn during a corporate meeting. Instead, things like an appropriately sized platinum ring will give you the classy look you will need to stand out at the event.

  1. Jewelry Metals

You also need to know the type of metals you will be wearing. While some men will be okay with gold jewelry, a few others will consider it too shiny and pretentious. In contrast, a platinum jewelry has a subdued class to it.

Plus, if you will be having gemstones on the jewelry, then you need to make sure that the stones go well with the metal. If the stones overpower the metal or vice versa, then the jewelry will not produce the intended effect in people.     

  1. Purity Of The Metal

In case you are buying metals like gold, its purity must also be taken into consideration. A traditional measurement for gold’s purity is karat, where 24 karat represents the purest form of gold that contains no additions to it. An 18 karat gold label indicates that other metals have been added to it.

The purity of gold is also stated in decimal form. In such scenarios, a number like 0.850 will show that the gold is 85% pure.  A value in excess of 0.999 is essentially 24 karat gold.

  1. Quality Of The Seller

Be sure to check the reputation and quality of the seller. In case you are shopping for a Cuban Link Chain, look whether many people have bought the chain from the seller or not. If so, are they satisfied with it or are there any complaints?

Check the reviews and ensure that most buyers are positive about the experience. Double check the negative results to ensure that they are not talking about any problem with the quality of the jewelry but only minor service issues.

  1. Rings

A ring is something most men wear when they get married. As such, they generally never tend to have any association with the feminine. In addition, people in position of power also tend to wear some excessively large rings.

The Pope wears a ring. Many tend to wear an oversized ring with intricate carvings. So, if you are someone who is in holding a pretty authoritative position, a big sized ring can build up your image.

  1. Don’t Go Overboard

You should never buy too many jewelry in case you are planning on wearing all of them. Just but a few items that make you look classy or cool and only use them when going out. Too much jewelry on a male can make them a laughing stock among people.

So, until and unless you are rapper or something, don’t go overboard with the jewelry. Wear two or three pieces of classy jewelry, and you will definitely create a solid impression among people.  Be updated on the latest jewelry wearing trends for men, and be sure to follow it.

  1. Bracelet

One of the most popular choices of jewelry among men is a bracelet. It is usually one of the few items that is associated with a manliness, especially if the bracelet is rugged with strong marks. You can also buy two or three bracelets and stack them together to create unique looks.

However, when using multiple metals, make sure that they go well with each other. Sometimes, a gold bracelet on together with a platinum bracelet might not look that great. As such, buying them might turn out to be a waste of investment since you might decide not to wear it.

  1. Earring

This is one of toughest jewelry pieces to pull off for men. This is because earrings are typically connected with femininity at present. However, historically this was not the case. In ancient Egypt and India, kings and noblemen used to wear an earring as a sign of status.

Earrings also tend to attract too much attention from people. If you have a strong, well-defined jawline, then wearing an earring can give you an extra bit of intensity.

  1. Dressing Style

The way you tend to dress is also an important consideration when buying jewelry. If you typically des casually, then you can try out some of the more ‘risky’ styles that people will usually avoid. Examples include a long nose ring, nail jewelry etc.

With the right attitude, you might be able to wear such jewelry to great effect. In contrast, if you are in formal clothes for most of the day when meeting up with people, then you should stick with traditional men’s jewelry like a bracelet, ring, and so on.

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