Proper Monitoring – Is Your Commercial Property Covered from all Angles?

Proper Monitoring - Is Your Commercial Property Covered from all Angles

Security is essential for business. Without it we risk all kinds of things going wrong, and though we can’t always get rid of risks entirely, we can certainly manage them. At worst, a good security system provides evidence for prosecution and insurance purposes.

Yet a surprising amount of businesses neglect security, relying on outdated systems or going for the bare minimum in coverage. Think logically for a moment. Do you think crooks and criminals are put-off by seeing a single, outdated camera pointing at your front door? Some will be, though not many. These people specialize in finding weak points and exploiting them to take your precious goods or damage your business in other ways.

Having high-quality security systems is a must for any business, from start-ups to multi-nationals, and making sure ALL angles are covered is even more important.

After all, not all theft/damage comes from outside the business…

How do Security Systems Help Your Business?

The answer here should be obvious. Even a decoy system can deter burglary attempts as most perpetrators admit to checking for an alarm system or camera set-up before selecting a target. Obviously the aim is to get away with the crime!

Setting up an alarm system and cameras is a great idea to deter thieves, though you also have to be sure your system is adequate. That means it needs to cover any and all vulnerable points. Additionally, having extra coverage can allow you to spot people ‘scouting’ your business and gives you the opportunity to catch out criminals before the act has even occurred.

Is External Coverage Enough?

No, it isn’t! The fact is that 1/3rd of business bankruptcies have been directly linked to employee theft. On top of that, 75% of employees admit to having stolen something from an employer at least once throughout their career!

Of course this doesn’t mean your employees are out to rob you and damage your business, but what they see as small, insignificant thefts can easily add up and hurt your bottom line greatly.

Good security systems will cover this by having camera coverage at all vulnerable points and can also use other features such as till-monitoring and inventory tracking to make sure you aren’t becoming a victim.

Can You Get a System Tailored to Your Specific Needs?

Depending on what your business does, you may have specific needs. That’s not an issue as security systems can provide all kinds of technology to help you.

This could be hidden cameras to solve employee theft problems, or motion sensitive systems which allow you to cut back on patrolling guards and have a ‘command center’ overseeing your property instead. You can monitor your system remotely and in real-time by using wireless transmitters, giving you peace of mind no matter where you are.

How Much Impact Will a Good Security System Have?

The possibilities here are endless. We’ve covered a few points above to focus on, such as complete coverage, visual deterrents and a system designed for your specific needs. Combining all of these can protect your business, giving you peace of mind and minimizing losses to theft/vandalism. It also reduces stress on you, allowing you to focus on your business!

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