Make yourself Irresistible – Men’s Wear and Habits that Woman find Attractive

Make yourself Irresistible - Men’s Wear and Habits that Woman find Attractive

Just like in an interview, first impression matters even in our daily life. Though we are not supposed to judge anyone by the type of clothes he wears or his looks, let’s just admit- we do it all the time. If you are also looking for ways to impress some girl or to show the world the better side of your personality.

Here is a list of things that can help you achieve your dream:

  • Suit up

These high standard clothing catches everyone’s eye in no matter of time. Imagine going to a high-end restaurant in a well-fitted suit, the heads are going to turn around for you.

Though these are not commonly worn outfits, but whenever possible do not hesitate to suit it up as women love men who can carry business formals.

  • Groom yourself

No one likes to go out with a lousy boyfriend and women especially prioritize hygiene over other things. Just make sure you are in your best possible form all the time. This does not mean you have to style your hair and load it with gel all the time.

What it basically means is that you are supposed to have your hair in place, beard trimmed and if grown, managed properly. Apart from this, usual things like creased shirt, cut finger nails etc. are also vital.

Another thing is take care of your lips. Men more often than not suffer from the problem of chapped lips and less than 20% of men population does not use anything to remedy the situation. Trust me we don’t want to see a man with chapped lips.

Use some good product and make your lips plum and soft.

  • Wear a good watch

Not all but most of the women also judge you or find you attractive with the kind of watch you are wearing. Funny! Right? Invest your money on some good brand and do not forget to flaunt that beauty whenever possible.

There are watches available that look good with all kinds of clothing, t-shirt, polo, shirts, formals, you name it and there is watch to enhance your overall personality.

  • Your body fragrance

Just like men, even women find men with good smell attractive. You can often get confused as to what fragrance would be the best. Normally girls like a light fragrance that is not very prominent while you are standing near them.

It also makes them longing to come closer to get the actual fragrance. If need be, ask one of your friends or any other girl to get a better idea of your signature fragrance.

  • Well fitted jeans

Jeans are one of the most common bottoms for anyone. However, not all style suits you. If you are petite, go with regular jeans, however, slim fit will suit you the best if you have normal body type. Say no to relaxed or loose jeans.

Loose pants come in different fabric and can be worn on casual occasion (never wear them on your date). To know more about the styling ideas on jeans or in general, please check this website.


Apart from these things, the next big thing is the smile on your face. Everyone is attracted towards a person who smiles. Therefore, make sure whenever you meet someone, you have a firm handshake with a good smile on your face.

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  1. Harshal Jani says:

    Hey Nisha,

    I love the way you present this topic. Also, I would like to add one thing that sunglasses is a really trendy thing which set your personality with your clothes. Just choose the shape that suits your face. The perfection of your shape and shades defines your overall personality.

    Thanks for sharing this article.

  2. Nippon says:

    Such a wonderful post. Thank you so much!!

  3. Nippon says:

    Thanks for the good read, Very inspiring.

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