How you are Judged Based on your Watch

How you are Judged Based on your Watch

The watch you sport goes to say a lot about who you are and what your lifestyle is like. Wearing a luxurious timepiece is a reflection of your polished taste, personality and also an important way of solidifying your social standing.

This is your way of telling the world that you recognise the value of time and don’t take it for granted. People form a strong impression of you based on your choice of brand, style and features among a wide range of watches for men. In other words, the watch you select for yourself must match your personality perfectly.  

Every watch gives away a certain hint about you – your fashion sense, your hobbies and character. When looking to buy wristwatches for men, it is critical for you to consult someone you can trust on.

Take Ethos Watch Boutiques for instance, they’re credible and have maintained a positive reputation in the market for a while now. Before you make the final decision, it helps to know what different watches say about you.

Here’s looking at 3 best selling luxury watches and how you’re judged based on your choice:

1. The Classy Gentleman – Longines Heritage Conquest

When it comes to watches, there’s nothing that spells tradition like a classy leather strap and clear dial; the Heritage Conquest by Longines does just that.

Creating a gorgeous mix of immaculate craftsmanship, awe-inspiring aesthetics and traditional design language, the gorgeous timepiece by Longines lives up to the high standards set by generations of successful watchmakers.

The wristwatch boasts of a silver hued bezel and dial with hour markers coated in PVD yellow gold. The crocodile patterned, brown leather strap gives the watch a classy touch and will resonate with your gentlemanly personality. Wearing this timepiece, the world will see you as someone who values time, tradition and ethics.

2. The Contemporary Bossman – Rolex Datejust 41

The Datejust 41 by Rolex is ideal for the contemporary Bossman, ready to climb up the corporate ladder and solidify his position in the C Suite. Being the front-runner in luxurious timekeeping for decades, the name Rolex itself is enough to leave a lasting impression.

The Datejust 41 lives up to the high standards of quality and performance laid down by Rolex and adds an element of modern aesthetics in the form of its vibrant blue dial.

The hour markers are crafted in 18-carat gold and strapped in with the signature Oyster bracelet. Following the Datejust suit, the timepiece features 3-hour marks and a window to display the date with a Cyclops lens for easy readability.

3. Hugo Boss – Grand Prix

Ideal for a man who enjoys the thrill of speed and the regular adrenaline rush, the Grand Prix by Hugo Boss is one to look out for. With an easily legible dial and clear hour markers, the timepiece is strapped in with a perforated brown leather strap.

This iconic feature, inspired by driving gloves is used to reinforce the rush of racecar driving. The timepiece is perfect for someone who has an active lifestyle and is unafraid to be himself.

Whether you go for a classy, sophisticated piece or a sporty model, your choice is bound to make a strong statement nevertheless. People will form an impression of you no matter what you wear, so don’t forget to make it worth their while.

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